IDrive Now Offers Unlimited Mobile Storage


Many of you exclusively use mobile devices for your every day computing, from social networking to taking pictures on a vacation to running your business on the move. We created a plan exclusively for you with no storage limits that covers all of your mobile devices.

We’re now offering unlimited storage for up to 5 of your smart phones or tablets for only $4.99 per year. That gives you all the space you need to protect your digital life.

IDrive also puts the key to your data in your hands with private key encryption, so no one but you can access your critical files. This is in addition to the already powerful security we offer with 256-bit AES encryption, the same protection approved for use in encrypting TOP SECRET information by the government. With the recent celebrity photo leaks, you know how important protecting your privacy is. This is a level of control that not even iCloud or Google Drive provide.

As mobile devices continue to evolve, so does the amount of mobile data we use to store our digital lives. The largest first generation iPhone stored 16 GB. But today, the iPhone 6’s storage capacity can reach a whopping 128 GB. With the average household now having multiple smart phones and tablets, it adds up. We created this unlimited plan so that you can protect ALL of your critical data on all these devices without worrying about the storage limits.


  • Backup and Restore your mobile data with a single tap
  • Easily sync files between all linked devices
  • 256-bit AES encryption with an optional private key for extra layer of protection
  • Facebook and Instagram Backup: backup and restore your selfies from any linked device
  • Selectively backup and restore files
  • Share files and folders over a single, secure link
  • Automatic upload option protects your photos and videos as soon as they are taken via wifi or cellular data
  • Lock app with a passcode
  • Easily unlink devices which are lost or stolen
You can learn more about our mobile features here. When it comes to protecting your mobile data, there should be no limits. IDrive for Mobile is available today at the App Store and Google Play.