We Are Thankful For Online Backup

Thanksgiving is about appreciating the little things that make life a lot better, that will be there for us no matter what. Friends, family, and online backup. Yes, online backup. It shelters our digital lives in a cold, hard digital world. So this Thanksgiving we’re giving back to backup and the people who make it possible. We’re backing them up, if you will, into a little warm place in our hearts, where they can feel just as secure, accessible, and warm and fuzzy as the critical data they protect.

Sharing is Caring

We are thankful for the ability to share files with our loved ones over a secure link. Boy does that come in handy sometimes. And in the sharing process, we never have to worry about our private selfies getting hacked by some creepy dude in, say, Plymouth, MA, a town which is not the same place it was when the pilgrims landed. With IDrive, you can safely share stuff via email, Facebook and Twitter. And we appreciate it!

Data Security is Emotional Security

The pilgrims couldn’t imagine life without muskets, compasses and large black hats with giant golden buckles. We find it hard to imagine living without encryption. Same difference. And we know people feel the same way, which is why we share our military-grade 256-bit encryption with everybody. We also offer a private key option that’s the securest possible way to protect your data because it makes it accessible only by you. That means a lot to us and our users, as well as the selfie-snatching cyber-criminals it protects us from.

Upload Seeding

This might sound like a modern day agricultural practice, but it really means having a cloud service upload large amounts of data for you so you can save yourself a lot of time and bandwidth. If you have big data to move, IDrive will send you a temp USB drive, which you upload your data to and mail back to us. We then upload all your stuff to the cloud. This service has a quick turnaround for the amount of data involved–you can upload up to 3TB in under a week. That sure beats the Mayflower’s 66 day voyage across the Atlantic.

The first time you use IDrive Express, we’ll ship you a drive for free out of the goodness of our hearts. You can bet the pilgrims wished they’d had that kind of speediness and convenience. Wifi must have really sucked back then.

Across the Universe

Universal backup. Ah. We are so very glad that this unicorn of a backup feature, which is only offered by a few services including IDrive, has come into being in the universe. Some services only allow backup for a single computer, and charge you extra money per extra device. That’s just evil considering that most households have at least 5 devices under their roof. And that’s why we’re thankful for universal backup, which let’s you backup an unlimited amount of devices at no extra cost. We’re getting all spiritually connected with our users just thinking about it.

The Pioneers

Finally, we’re most thankful to our engineering team, who makes backup easy-to-do, convenient and safe. We are thankful for the amazing technology they continue to develop and make better than before. They are the pioneers who figure out how to live life on the digital frontier. And they’re so gracious to share their tools and strategies with the rest of us so we can live better ourselves. We appreciate that just as much as our users. Thanks.