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  • Introducing RemotePC Web Viewer: Now access your computers without any software requirements!


    Technology has tremendously changed the way we communicate over the past few decades. Be it through computers, internet or mobile devices, staying connected has become an integral part of our lives. We at RemotePC believe in moving with the changing and evolving face of technological advancements and are excited to launch our brand-new Web Viewer. Read on to know how Web-Viewer can help you and your business.

    RemotePC Web Viewer enables users to access multiple computers using a web browser– regardless of wherever they are. For this, they just need an active internet connection and the RemotePC application installed on the computers they want to access.

    Even if you are travelling, you can now easily access your remote computers from any external computer. And since no software has to be installed on the external machine, it is also convenient for computers where software installation is constrained.

    RemotePC web viewer has the following features: 

    • RemotePC offers secure solution for accessing your faraway computers. Remote access is encrypted with TLS v 1.2 and a unique Personal Key provides additional layer of security while accessing each machine.
    • By using web viewer, you can access more than one remote computer at a time. Moreover, no software installation is required on your local computer to access your remote computers via web browser.
    • You can remotely update to the latest version of RemotePC application on your distant computer from any web browser.

    This is not just all; you can also perform these functions that can make your remote access experience much better. 

    • Easily view and download your session logs, by logging in to your account from the web.
    • Ensure privacy during a remote session with the Blank Host Screen function. The screen of your remote computer blanks out, thus prohibiting anyone from viewing your activities during remote session.
    • If your remote computer has more than one monitor, you can access any of them from the web viewer.
    • The Lock function allows you to lock the remote computer instantly or after the session ends. This will prevent any unauthorized access to your remote computer during a remote session.

    Furthermore, Remote access to one computer is completely free. There are different pricing plans that can be selected by users depending upon their needs.

    Sign-up today and avail 50% off along with an online backup account from IDrive! Visit www.remotepc.com for further details.

  • This New Year, Resolve to Protect Your Data

    People watch fireworks at the National M

    We recently discovered that, although protecting data is a major concern for most Americans, for some reason, people still aren’t getting around to securing their privacy with encrypted cloud backup. A survey of 607 Americans conducted back in November suggested that the majority of people living in the U.S. fear for their privacy when using technology. But as we uncovered in our Mobile User study last month, not everyone is on top of keeping their data safe. In fact, we found that iOS users are generally more concerned about privacy, or at least doing something to protect it, than Android users.

    In light of the New Year–and the results of our study–we’ve created a list of 4 simple resolutions for protecting your privacy in 2015 using our affordable cloud backup service. IDrive offers an easy-to-use application for making your data just as secure as it is accessible, so you can backup your selfies just in time for the countdown to midnight.


    1. Backup Everything from Anywhere


    Your first resolution should be a promise to yourself to get all of your data from all of your devices safe and secure in the cloud. Today the way we gather and share our data is growing more and more device-driven. The average person owns multiple devices, including smartphones, tablets and computers running a variety of different operating systems.

    To accomplish a comprehensive backup of all your critical files, you’ll have to be able to upload from all of your devices, no matter what type, so you can A) access them from anywhere and B) keep them secure from corruption or device failure.

    IDrive is one of the only backup services to offer backup for an unlimited amount of devices. We don’t charge extra per extra device, and we’re cross-platform compatible with Android, iOS, PC and Mac, so you can easily and affordably backup every bit of data you have.


    2. No More Selfie Leaks in 2015


    Your second resolution should address security. Encryption is the key to keeping your data safe from snooping. But there are many different types of encryption. This year, you can protect your data with the securest encryption available: Private key. Not only does IDrive protect your data with military-grade 256-bit AES, we also give you the unique option of choosing a private key which is known only to you, so no one else can unlock your files.

    If you’re worried about people peeping at your selfies, taking advantage of IDrive’s private key encryption is the perfect resolution for leaving your concerns behind in 2014. And we offer it as a free option to all of our users.


    3. Protecting Your Social Life From Now On

    facebook cat

    This year, if you resolve to secure all your data in the cloud, you’ll want to backup every facet of your life, including the photos and videos you’ve posted on social media networks. We make this simple with backup solutions for Instagram and Facebook, so you can easily upload all your photos to the cloud in one fell swoop. You can even backup the Facebook photos you’ve been tagged in.

    Facebook and Instagram backup will particularly come in handy for those who have made a resolution to delete their profile, and want to keep a digital album of all their selfies and family pics on hand and safe from prying eyes.


    4. Fastrack Your Backup With IDrive Express


    To make your New Year’s backup resolution even easier to fulfill, we offer an upload shuttle service so you can easily move all of your data to the cloud without clogging up your bandwidth and wasting precious time on lengthy backups.

    The process is fast and easy. We mail you a temporary drive on which you upload all your data. You then mail us back the drive and our Express team quickly uploads your files to your IDrive cloud account where you can access them from any of your devices or computers.
    IDrive Express allows you to upload up to 3TB of data within a week. This is a free service, available once per year for our Pro Personal users and three times per year for our Pro Business users.


    Ringing in the New Year with IDrive

    Everyone needs a fresh start sometimes. It gives us the enthusiasm we need to finally get around to the important things we put off. That’s why we’ve made cloud backup easier and safer than ever, so you can ditch your worries about privacy with a few clicks of a button.

    Start protecting your digital life this year with IDrive Online Backup.

  • Hey, Folks! Here’s the Latest News about IDrive


    It’s been an eventful past few months here at IDrive. We wanted to catch you up with our latest activity, as well as a cool new feature that protects data from what’s become an important facet of many of our digital lives.

    Our Latest Review

    Charles Martin from the Mac New Network recently wrote a great review of our backup solution. He really understood what we do best–which is give our users the cloud backup space they need at an affordable price, while providing great features to protect their data–and we appreciate that he recognized that.

    “IDrive appears to have hit on a good middle ground,” writes Charles, “offer lots of space at a very reasonable sum, while providing a lot of configuration options, full data encryption, instant sync, multi-platform support, and even alternate ways of getting data uploaded in the first place.”

    We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

    IDrive at CES

    We’ll be exhibiting at the upcoming 2015 International CES January 6 – 9 in Las Vegas, NV. This is where home and business users experience firsthand the latest innovations in global technology. IDrive will be showcasing our backup solution, as well as offering the most current advice on how to protect your data.

    Visit us at Booth 70870 at the Sands Expo Center for some face to face time about the best solutions for backing up and securing your data in the cloud, and some exciting announcements about what we’ll have to offer in 2015. We’ll be glad to see you!

    We’re Backing Up Instagram

    Our mobile app now has Instagram Backup. You can easily move your Instagram photos from device to device, and protect them in the cloud with our super-secure private key encryption.

    This feature is sure to come in handy. For example, what if you delete your Instagram account? This tool will backup all your photos in one fell swoop so you can access them from any device after you jump ship. It also makes it possible to share your IG’s with people who don’t have the app.

    Instagram Backup includes:

    • Gallery View, enabling you to share, download, rotate, delete and print photos while viewing them in normal or full-screen mode

    • Sharing across email, Facebook and Twitter

    • 256-bit military grade encryption with a private key option

    That’s it for now! But we’re always evolving our solution to meet your needs as new data trends come up, so stay tuned. You can also always feel free to visit our features page for the latest information about IDrive.

  • Upgrading to OS X Yosemite? Backup Before You Make the Climb

    Apple released OS X 10.10 last Thursday, and Mac users are eager to update. There’s nothing quite like that “new OS smell”! But upgrades are a tricky process, and any errors or problems along the way could spell disaster for your Mac, and all the photos, videos, and documents contained in it. Before you make the move up to Yosemite, we want to remind you to backup your data to make sure you don’t lose anything important. 
    With IDrive, you can set up a backup within seconds via our desktop application or web-based dashboard. Once your data is safely stored in the cloud, you can download OS X Yosemite from the App store. Most likely, the installation will go smoothly, and you’ll be off and running without a second thought. But if something does go wrong, with all your most important data backed up with IDrive, you’re just a couple of clicks away from being back in business!
    You can even use IDrive’s Hybrid Backup feature to backup your data to a local device, so if you have a lot of data to move, you can store it locally in an external device, for quick recovery in case of a crash! So just in case your Mac goes bonkers during your update, backup your data with IDrive first. It’s better to be safe with backup than sorry without!  
  • UPDATE: We’ve Resolved The iOS8 Camera Upload Issue


    Last month, iOS8 caused a pesky camera upload issue for some users of our mobile app. Today we released an update to our iOS app which avoids this problem altogether.

    This issue was caused by Apple changing their default photo album name from “Camera Roll” to “Recently Added” in iOS8. Previously backed up photos were recognized as unique images due to their new names, and duplicate copies of them were backed up to the user’s IDrive account. This is no longer an issue.

    If you don’t have automatic updates enabled in your device’s iTunes and App Store settings, you can download our latest iOS app here.