IDrive Timeline: This Holiday Season Keep Your Treasured Photos Protected

Recent surveys indicate that even an average camera owner has over thousand of photos on their PCs and smartphones. The reason for widespread popularity of digital photos and videos is that they are easily accessible. You can show off the pictures from your recent trip to the mountains or post cute video of your pets in a matter of few clicks.

Despite the convenience, digital files are susceptible to damage. What if you spill coffee on your smartphone or you accidentally delete a video, you had prepared for your tenth wedding anniversary? All your memories you hold so dear could be lost forever.

So what do you do to preserve your photos? You can print them, but the printed copies too are prone to discoloration and can be damaged in the event of a disaster like flood, earthquake or fire. Fret not as Cloud backup is here to your rescue.

Complete protection for your digital photos and videos

Protect your treasure trove of memories from being lost due to accidental deletion or a broken memory stick or a stolen device. The award winning IDrive software takes care of keeping your files safely tucked in an offsite location, which you can access from anywhere over the internet.


Also the newly revamped Timeline feature lets user view their photos and videos backed up from any mobile device. Read on to find out what all you can do with IDrive Timeline.

All your photos in one place

Timeline is a gallery view of all your photos and videos backed up from any mobile device linked to your IDrive account. You can access Timeline from the Dashboard as well as on the IDrive mobile application.

Your photos backed up from multiple mobile devices are sorted according to date and location in the Timeline. So you can find all the photos, from your graduation day or the hiking trip you took last summer, at one place.

Also, you can conveniently share photos and videos with friends from Timeline.

As your photos and videos are backed up on to the cloud you can restore them to any mobile device from Timeline. Thus, if the file you need is not on your phone, you can easily download it anytime.

You can rest easy knowing your photos and videos are securely backed up online via IDrive and can be accessed anywhere anytime in a matter of few clicks.

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