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  • IDrive Tips & Tricks: Restoring an Older Version of a File

    Sally was up all night polishing her 112 page final dissertation… wait… it’s supposed to be 112 pages but Sally only sees 110 – why are there two missing? “Oh, no! No! No! No!” she exclaims. She realizes that she saved her file after having accidentally deleted pages and now they’re gone! “Oh, no!” She frets again.

    Don’t worry Sally, you have an IDrive account which holds the last 30 versions of each file (at no charge) and you were using IDrive’s Continuous Data Protection feature which performs real-time backup of your files as you work – even open files are protected! Sally has two easy options to recover her lost pages:

    Option A: Log in to and find the file in question either by using a Quick Search or by opening the correct folder. Click the “Versions” button  and you will then see a list of the last 30 versions of your file with their creation and modified dates/times. Once you have located the version you wish to restore click the version number next to the file to download it, voilà!

    Option B (recommended for large files or folders): Open the IDrive software on your computer and click the Restore tab. Find your file by using a Quick Search or by opening the correct folder. Right click the file and select “View History.” You will then see a list of the last 30 versions of your file with their creation and modified dates/times. Once you have located the version you wish to restore select it and then click the Restore button; that’s it! We recommend this option for large files since the IDrive software is capable of incremental restores, meaning if your restore is interrupted in the middle of the transfer IDrive can pick up where it left off instead of starting from the top.

    Once you have located the version of the file you wish to restore, select it then click Restore.

    If you have many hundreds of GBs and need them quickly you can utilize our Rapid Serve program and have your data shipped directly to you!

    Did you know students get HUGE discounts on IDrive?

    IDrive is secure, fast and simple online backup and file-sharing that protects your digital life. Please send questions, comments and feedback to !

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  • The toilet is the No. 1 phone-killer

    What is the number one reason people lose smart-phone contacts? From dropping their phone in the toilet – this has happened to about 1 in 5 people! Did you know that IDrive makes an incredible free app that can help you recover your contacts lickity-split if your precious device should have an unfortunate, watery mishap?

    According to the June 2011 study by Plaxo and MarketTools only about 25% of smart-phone owners backup their contacts to a cloud-based service and we’re willing to bet contact information is important to 100% of us. As Spencer Spanner over at Know Your Mobile said, “this is another of those essential little apps that makes you wonder why Apple never built it into the iPhone’s firmware.”


    IDrive Lite will backup from and restore to any iOS, Android or Blackberry device; this makes IDrive Lite the ultimate tool for migrating your contacts to a new phone. Backups are also versioned, meaning you can go back and retrieve old data that may have been over-written or deleted on accident. Manage your contacts and import Facebook information by logging into the account via a web browser at

    Download IDrive Lite today!
    IDrive Lite for iPhone
    | IDrive Lite for Android | IDrive Lite for Blackberry

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  • IDrive Tips & Tricks: “Rapid Serve” USB Hard-Drive Restore

    What does an IDrive user do when their computer crashes, they have a lot of data to restore and not a lot of time to do it in?

    They order an IDrive Portable Rapid Serve and get their data hand-delivered just a few days later on a 320GB USB-powered IDrive Portable hard drive – no muss, no fuss – here’s how it works:

    1. Fill out the IDrive Portable Rapid Serve order form. The cost of the IDrive Portable is $69.95 plus tax while the Rapid Serve service is free. US shipping is free, international is $20. The drive is yours to keep – use the included IDrive Portable software to backup your files locally as well!

    2. Our Rapid Serve team will then immediately begin restoring your data directly from the data-center onto an IDrive Portable. Once complete they will USPS Priority ship the drive to your location.

    3. Once the IDrive Portable Rapid Serve arrives simply plug the drive into any computer and you’ll find your data on board. That’s it!

    “Rapid Serve” makes sense for small businesses

    If your office machine crashes you are now in “Disaster Recovery” mode – if you have an intelligent and automatic backup service like IDrive running you’re OK though! Many businesses have hundreds and hundreds of GBs of data these days however and restoring them over the Internet could simple take way too long! For example, 100GBs downloaded through a standard 1.5Mbps DSL line would take over 150 hours (almost a full week!) provided no one else used the connection during that time.

    By using a Rapid Serve restore our small business customers can get their data restored in full, quickly.

    How long would it take to download 100GBs over your Internet connection? Thanks iBeast!

    You always have 24-hour access

    Remember, by protecting your digital life with IDrive you are also giving yourself access to your files from anywhere in the world via any standard web browser at or any of our free mobile apps – so if while you’re waiting for your Rapid Serve IDrive Portable to arrive you need some files you can get them easily.

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  • IDrive Blog and Tweet Contest – Win up to $1000!

    A total of $1000 will be given for winning blog articles through the end of July, 2011

    What do I need to do?

    Write a blog on your experience with using IDrive on any platform, be in Windows, Mac or even iPhones. We are not necessarily asking for positive feedback. Just your feel on the product. It helps others understand how users use IDrive, and what it means to them.  Post it on the web.  Tweet on the post with a  line that includes ‘Blog on IDrive’ and a link to the blog.  We will automatically scan the tweets and qualify the entries.  You can do multiple blog posts.

    What are the requirements?

    Blogs MUST be 100% original content and may not be posted on any website before.

    Blogs will be checked for plagiarism.

    Not all blogs will be accepted.

    You will need a PayPal account to receive prize money.

    What are the guidelines?

    No offensive content. This should be self explanatory but we mean no porn, no racism, no sexism, no content intended to incite a riot, start a war, or to do harm to others either physically or psychologically.

    If sources are used they must be quoted.

    You may link to sources.

    Links to promote your website or product are not allowed, UNLESS we determine that it is relevant to your article and we determine that the link adds something to the blog.

    Plagiarism is forbidden.

    Please do not upload copyrighted images without permission from the owner. You may place a link to an image if photo credit is given at the end of the article.  you can use images and content from the IDrive website.

    Notification of blog approval or rejection will not be given.

    Winner Criteria and Notification

    Winners will be announced on our site and contacted through twitter.  Blog entries will be reviewed and based on the quality of article, 3 winners would be chosen with prizes of $500, $300 and $200 totaling $1000. Our review team has the final say on choosing the winning entries.

    Prizes will be paid via PayPal only.

    Happy Blogging!

  • Connect, Access and Share With the New IDrive for Android App

    Android meets IDrive with our new mobile app — easily access and share your IDrive files on the go!

    Anytime access!
    View your IDrive files anytime, anywhere.

    Easy search!
    Search to locate any file/folder in your IDrive.

    Share files!
    Share files/folders with any of your contacts

    Be informed!
    Track how much data is in your IDrive and monitor your backups.

    If you don’t have your own IDrive, get set up today with our 5GB IDrive Basic account — its free for life! IDrive for Android can be downloaded for free from the Android Market; Android 1.6 or higher required. IDrive for iOS can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store; iOS 3.2 or higher required.

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  • Turn Your PC or Mac Into A Light-Weight, Touchscreen Tablet for Only $1.99

    RemoteVU is one of the most incredible apps available for iOS – it came from the minds behind IDrive and RemotePC – with it you’ll be able turn your big, bulky Windows or Mac computer into a light-weight, touchscreen tablet. Video, music, games, Flash, DVDs; anything your computer can do, now iPad or iPhone/iPod touch can do it too.


    The app is $1.99 for iPad or 99¢ for iPhone/iPod touch. There is also a free version available that limits use to 10 minutes so you can try it before you buy it! Download the small accompanying host application to your PC or Mac here. You can install the RemoteVU host on all the computers you own so anywhere you go you can quickly open the RemoteVU app on your iOS devices and get uncompromising access to your files and applications.

    Here’s a few things RemoteVU makes possible from iOS that couldn’t be done otherwise:

    • Enjoy your DVD collection without having to rip the discs to your hard drive and then sync it to your device; see all the sub-titles – use the menues and special features – it’s amazing!
    • Access your Microsoft Outlook or Office applications and finally be able to really work from iPad.
    • Watch your favorite episode of  The Simpsons on Try it!
    • Enjoy full-featured Flash content, one of our favorites:

    Has RemoteVU made it possible for you to do something on your iPad that you couldn’t before? Let us know by sending a message to and don’t forget to join our social network, we’re on Facebook and Twitter!

  • IDriveSync Out of Beta and Going Mobile with New iOS App

    From your PC to your Mac to your iPhone and back again — IDriveSync is fast and secure file sharing, syncing and cloud storage for Windows, Mac and now iPhone. We’re proud to announce that IDriveSync is now out of beta and the new IDriveSync iOS mobile app  is available for free in the Apple App Store.

    Easily sync your files across your devices — changes are synced in real-time.

    Access files from anywhere in the world via or the new mobile application for iPhone.

    Share files and folders with friends  — all they need is a web browser.

    Secure your files with military grade encryption — create a private key for even further protection.

    The new IDriveSync app for iOS allows you to fully access your personal cloud as well as share any file with a few taps. You can also upload photos and videos from your phone to your account — even capture it live and automatically sync the new files in real-time to your other computers.

    Anytime access — easy and full access to your IDriveSync account.

    Real-time automatic sync — delete, rename or edit any file or folder and changes will be immediately synced to your other IDriveSync-connected devices.

    Find it fast — built-in search makes finding files quick and easy.

    Share freely — share a single file, a few files or a folder-full with just a few taps.

    Sync mobile photos and videos — even capture pictures or movies within the IDriveSync app and sync your new files immediately to your other computers.

    Image gallery view — allows you to view folders of pictures as galleries instead of as a list; simply tap a thumbnail to view a picture in full size.

    IDriveSync is available for Windows, Mac and iOS. Sign-up today for your own free-for-life 5GB IDriveSync account and give it a try; upgrade to unlimited storage for only $4.95/month at any time.

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  • IDrive Featured in New York Times TechTalk Podcast

    J.D. Biersdorfer, author of the popular “Missing Manual” series of books and New York Times columnist recently took the time to talk to our Business Development Manager, Stephen Gold, about IDrive, RemoteVU and the future of cloud storage.

    The podcast, TechTalk, runs each week and focuses on exciting trends in technology and upcoming products. Co-hosted by Pedro Rosado and Bettina Edelstein, we had the amazing opportunity to chat with some of the technology world’s best-known voices.

    Here is a direct link to the podcast, or click here to subscribe in iTunes.

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  • Time Machine in the Cloud – by IDrive

    We are excited to announce that IDrive for Mac can now backup your Time Machine drive to your IDrive account!

    Getting started is easy, simply install the latest version of IDrive for Mac from and check off which computers’ data you’d like backed up to your IDrive account from the Time Machine sidebar item.

    Once your Time Machine has been backed up to IDrive you’ll have an off-site copy in case your local Time Machine fails or is otherwise destroyed. You can easily recover your data – individual files and folders or the entire backup – by downloading the Time Machine data or, if your Time Machine is quite large (hundreds of GBs), you can order an IDrive Portable Rapid Serve.

    IDrive Portable is a 320GB USB hard drive built by IDrive – the cost is $69.95 + tax with free shipping inside the US. We load your Time Machine data to your IDrive Portable and ship it to you. Plug the drive into your Mac, run Migration Assistant and you’re on the way to recovering your data.

    Send your questions and comments to  or join the conversations on Facebook and Twitter.

    Have an awesome day – S. Gold, Business Development Manager

  • Protect your schoolwork with IDrive and get up to 50% off

    Wow! Our users put together, are now securely protecting over 15 million GBs of photos, videos, music and documents! Many thousands are students and teachers from some of the most prestigious schools on Earth: Harvard, Standford, Yale, Columbia, Princeton, MIT. We thank you for choosing IDrive to protect your valuable notes and work.

    In honor of the upcoming finals season we have started a limited time offer of up to 50% off our regularly low prices to students, faculty and staff with ‘.edu’ e-mail addresses. Get either our IDrive Personal or IDrive Family plan:

    IDrive Personal: Store up to 150GBs from one PC or Mac for only $2.50/month or $24.75/year.

    IDrive Family: Store up to 500GBs from up to five PCs or Macs for only $7.50/month or $74.75/year.

    For those of you that are new to the IDrive family, a quick rundown of our service:

    • IDrive is available for Windows and Mac – we also have access and backup apps for smart-phones.
    • Although many online backup services are generally slow, you’ll find IDrive consistently outperforms others by up to 30% in upload/download speeds.
    • IDrive features comprehensive web management tools no one else offers – you have access to your Backup Set, Schedule and logs from anywhere in the world via
    • IDrive is a “True Archive” – your files aren’t deleted from our servers after you delete them from your computer. What use is a backup that you can’t use to restore files you accidentally deleted?
    • Our amazing “Time-Line Restore” tool enables you to restore all your files from a specific point in the past!

    Our website,, has more information. You can also e-mail your questions to For special offers, news and announcements follow us on Twitter and Facebook!

    As always, have a wonderful day – S. Gold, Business Development Manager

    [UPDATE 4/27/2011] IDrive for Education discounts are now available for those with e-mail addresses. Click here for more details!