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  • IDrive Offers Best-in-Class Online Backup for Businesses

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    Data loss shutters 70% of the businesses that experience it, and online backup is the best solution for avoiding that catastrophic loss. That’s why IDrive provides PCMag award-winning, affordable cloud backup to small businesses and enterprises, protecting critical data with the best functionality, easy-to-use features, top-rated performance, and competitive prices.

    IDrive’s key business features include:

    • Backup an unlimited number of smartphones, tablets, computers, and servers into a single, easily managed account.
    • Sub-accounts enable you to manage multiple accounts under a single administrator console.
    • The IDrive Express service secures up to 3TB of data in less than a week via physical storage shipment, ensuring no bandwidth usage. This service is free three times a year.
    • Go hybrid with IDrive Wi-Fi, our 1 to 2TB wireless storage drive enabling lightning fast local backups and restores of your most important business data.
    • Eliminate downtime with online backup for databases and servers. IDrive supports backup for MS SQL Server, MS Exchange Server, MS SharePoint Server and Oracle Server without interrupting their functions.
    • IDrive offers top-rated security utilizing 256-bit AES encryption during data transfer and storage. The option for a Private Encryption Key adds an additional layer of security.
    • IDrive assists business within the medical, accounting, financial and legal professions to comply with legal and federal regulations like HIPAA, SOX, GLBA, SEC / NASD. IDrive also signs Business Associate Agreements (BAAs) to assist with HIPAA compliance.
    • IDrive is optimized to put little demand on your CPU and bandwidth, while offering timesaving incremental and compressed backups of your files.
    • Remote management allows for the viewing of backup sets / logs and scheduling of backup jobs from anywhere.
    • IDrive’s world-class data centers use RAID-protected, industry-leading storage devices with multiple levels of redundancy to protect data. Facilities include custom-designed raised floors, HVAC temperature control systems with separate cooling zones, and seismically-braced racks.
    • Our support center is available 24/7 via live chat, email, or phone.

    Whether you’ve been in business for years or you’re just starting up, IDrive offers a trusted, secure way to protect your critical files from data disasters. Our goal is to help SMBs and enterprise-level businesses eliminate business interruptions with a data backup plan that promotes continued success and productivity at affordable prices.

    Ready to secure your business with IDrive? Our Pro Business Plans start at $99.50/year (with 25% off the first year) which includes 250 GB of storage space.

  • Back-to-School Backup: Keep Your School Data Secure with IDrive



    If you’re one of the many who rely on technology to get your homework done, here’s how IDrive can help you keep your data secure and accessible through the school year.

    Back It ALL Up

    Today 1.5 million iPads are used in schools across the country with over 20,000 education apps. With the upcoming releases of iPad Pro and Pixel C — faster, bigger tablets that are ideal for schoolwork — mobile devices are poised to become just as essential to students as computers.

    The emergence of mobile in the classroom means between all of your computers, tablets, and smartphones, you probably use at least three devices to get your schoolwork done. To keep all your school data secure, you’ll need a cloud backup solution like IDrive which is compatible with all of them, from iOS to Android, PC to Mac.

    You also want to consider affordability. Backing up multiple devices can get costly if your backup service charges you per every phone, tablet, and computer. You can save a lot of money with IDrive because we let you backup all your devices at no additional fee per extra device.

    Carry All Your Homework In Your Pocket

    Say you just finished an assignment and your computer crashes before you can turn it in. With a secure, local storage device like IDrive Wi-Fi, you can carry your assignments with you in your pocket, and restore them over a speedy wireless connection to another computer just before the deadline.

    Have A Place To Crash

    You might have your mandatory meningitis shot, but there’s no vaccine for malware. Nor is the device on which you store your critical data going to live forever.

    If your device does crash and your data gets wiped out, online backup acts as a safety net so you can easily restore your data to another device.

    IDrive saves up to 10 versions of all your files, so you can revert back to the most recent draft of your English essay before it was infected.

    Back It Up!

    Time to get backed up for the new school year? Get started with a free IDrive account today!

  • Could Backing Up Your Phone Be Good For Your Health?

    We hear a lot of different things these days about what’s good and bad for us. Sometimes eggs are bad for us, and other times they’re good. Same with salt, even. But the latest item in our daily lives that could be causing us harm might surprise you.

    It may sound a little strange, but this article from Quartz discusses the physiological effects we get from using our smartphones every day – checking e-mails and sending tweets send little jolts to the pleasure centers of our brain, and there’s a ‘withdrawal’ effect if we happen lose that device. Add that to the stress of losing potentially irreplaceable information, or those private items being in the wrong hands, and suddenly you’ve got a recipe for serious stress!  The The physical affects of anxiety are very real, and the researchers have an interesting solution to the problem: back up your phone!

    Knowing that your important photos, videos, contacts, and other data is secure can help reduce the stress you go through when you lose your smartphone, and make getting life back to normal much easier. IDrive has these capabilities more, all within a single account!

    So don’t stress the next time you can’t find your phone; just take a deep breath, and remember you’ve got everything that matters safe within IDrive.