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  • Why isn’t there an ‘operation mask speed?’

    Mid March, 2020. The USA implemented some sort of an economic shutdown with stay at home, shelter at home suggestions at most locations. Fair enough. New Virus, very little known data at the time. Need to buy some time, for the medical system to catch up, to study, keep the cases limited and find possible solutions. Understandable.

    Early April. It is clear that masks do help in containing the spread of the virus. At least it helps from spreading out if the infected person wears it. Not enough medical grade masks were in stock nationwide at the time, so a makeshift mask made at home is still good. This was a good call. If it was done a few weeks earlier, it would have probably saved half the 100k lives who perished. But still, better late than never.

    Now, this is the United States of America, the most industrialized nation in the world. A short term shortage of professional-grade masks for everyone is understandable. But by Mid April, it was crystal clear that masks help.

    If homemade masks help, wouldn’t professional-grade masks even be better? There are some charts out there that show that a homemade mask can prevent 30% of virus transmission if worn only by the healthy person, and 5% if worn only by the infected person, and 1.5% of both infected and healthy people both wear. Now, these percentages are not proven or certified by any authority. But no one questions the relative effectiveness of both parties wearing the masks.

    If N95 or KN95 or equivalent masks were made available to EVERY person in America and requested to wear in any public setup of 2 people or more within a certain distance, the virus has literally no chance of transmission. Mathematically virus transmission rate would be 95% of 5%, which is 0.05%, a very tiny number. The virus would have no chance.

    It is not cheap to provide enough of these masks to everyone, but it is a minuscule of the cost to the economy and health that we already have paid dearly.  This is a guaranteed solution to get out of this in one to two months. No second wave. Vaccine is a long shot. Hope that works too. Operation mask speed is more practical and may possibly be the ONLY solution to get out of this mess quickly.

    In hindsight, if we knew all this back in March, there was not even a need to close down anything. This should have been the solution of choice if we had enough of these in stock.

    Anyways, now, private and public enterprises should focus their efforts towards production and supply of these masks to everyone at an unprecedented scale and should be the Manhattan project of 2020. This is a guaranteed 100% solution to the virus problem.

  • Tech Times Rates RemotePC as the Best Remote Support Software

    If you’re an IT Technician who provides technical assistance to your customers, you know how difficult it can be to have to travel to each location separately to perform your duties. Likewise, if you’re an organization who needs to receive technical support somewhat regularly, it can be frustrating to have to wait for your IT person to get there to help.

    This can all be avoided now thanks to today’s technology, which now allows IT Technicians to remotely access your troubled devices and solve the issues from anywhere. 

    If you’re on the hunt for a remote support solution that fits your needs, Tech Times did a roundup of their Top 5 Best Remote Support Software solutions, with RemotePC coming out on top.

    Tech Times notes that RemotePC allows users to access their computers from the web, desktop application, or mobile applications for iOS or Android, which means they have access from absolutely anywhere at any time.

    RemotePC also offers several options for communication between you and your client so you can work together in real-time. These options include voice chat, online messaging, as well as a whiteboard option. 

    Tech Times also appreciates that RemotePC has options for home or business use as it’s highly secure, scalable, and affordable.

    Thanks to Tech Times for the review!

  • TechRadar Gives RemotePC 4.5 Stars, chosen as the Best Remote Desktop Software Solution

    As more and more companies look to find a reliable work from home solution, choosing the proper software for your business needs is critical in order to ensure that your employees remain just as productive at home as they would be in the office. 

    This means having access to office network resources securely and without disruption, and according to TechRadar’s latest Remote Desktop Software Review, RemotePC is the best choice for your business. This is mainly due to RemotePC having affordable plans that are easy to scale, business oriented features, and great security.

    What else helped RemotePC earn such a great score?

    • Good price points with customizable plans for scaling
    • Great performance with low impact on system resources  
    • Easy set up in minutes
    • Access from web, desktop application, or mobile applications for iOS and Android
    • Secured with TLS v 1.2/AES-256 encryption for both remote computer access and file transfers, plus support for firewall and proxy servers.

    RemotePC is able to run on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android devices, meaning all of your hardware is covered. It also includes built-in chat/voice chat, as well as Whiteboard features, helping to speed up collaboration.

    TechRadar also points out that the interface is modern and easy to use, letting users access all utilities from the menu at the top. 

    The final verdict from TechRadar?

    “All in all, RemotePC is fast, secure, and easy-to-use remote desktop software, with lots of features, an affordable price-tag, and easy scalability that businesses will appreciate.”

  • Business News Daily Chooses IDrive as the Best Cloud Backup Solution for Small Businesses

    If you’re a small business owner, you’re well aware that one of the biggest threats to the continuity of your business is data loss. Disasters, accidents, or ransomware attacks can wipe out everything without warning, and the costs to recover could end up putting your entire business in jeopardy.

    As Business News Daily points out in their cloud backup review, “protecting your business is more than mounting security cameras and locking your doors – it extends to safeguarding your online data, too.”

    The review points out that IDrive is the best choice for small businesses, and this is due to our comprehensive cloud features which include online backup, cloud storage, and file sharing capabilities.

    Some business features that make IDrive stand out include:

    • Automated sync through scheduled or continuous backups
    • Group management capabilities
    • Unlimited users, computers, and servers
    • Scale your plan as your needs change
    • Data is securely transferred and stored with 256-bit AES encryption

    The review also pointed out Snapshots, which is a feature that retains versions of your computers or servers in storage, allowing you to back up and restore your system to how it was at previous points in time.

    The final verdict from Business News Daily?

    “IDrive’s versatile and easy-to-use platform is packed with features to back up, store, share and recover your company’s data – it’s the best cloud storage solution for small businesses.”

  • Windows Central chooses IDrive as Best Online Cloud Backup Service of 2020

    For many people, using an external hard drive or two is usually enough for them to feel that their data is secure, but as our world becomes more and more digital, it’s good to have an extra layer of protection. As Windows Central points out, a cloud backup service can go a long way in giving you peace of mind by ensuring your critical data is safe, and you can access all your files from anywhere without having to carry around any extra hardware.

    To make it easier for you to choose a backup service, Windows Central did a roundup of the best cloud backup services for 2020, and they chose IDrive as the best choice to backup all of your devices. 

    What makes IDrive the standout among all the other services out there?

    • Applications for Windows, Macs, Android, and iOS
    • Secured with 256-bit AES encryption and an option for a key that only you know
    • Free 5GB version
    • Quick transfer speeds
    • Backup any number of devices into a single account

    The overall verdict from Windows Central?

    “If we’re picking one, IDrive is likely going to appeal to most people. You can back up an unlimited number of devices to a single account, and you can even backup disk images to protect your entire PC, OS and all. It’s easy to use, transfer speeds are relatively fast, and there are competitively priced plans for different types of users.”

    Thanks to Windows Central for the review!

  • Remotely Access your Linux Machines with RemotePC

    Having the ability to connect to your remote computers from anywhere in the world gives you the flexibility to be productive no matter where you are. 

    RemotePC is already compatible with most devices, allowing access to and from any PC, Mac, Android, or iOS device, but now you can connect to your Linux machine remotely from any device as well.

    What does RemotePC offer?

    • Platform Independent – Access your remote computer from any PC, Mac, or Linux machine, iOS and Android device, or via the web.
    • Perform functions like lock screen, blank host screen, adjust the screen of the remote computer, and block remote input during a session.
    • Track your activities with remote access logs and web activity logs.
    • Robust Security – Remote access is secured with TLS v 1.2 / AES-256 encryption; Personal Key acts as a secondary password to access each machine.

    Get started and establish a remote connection to your Linux machine:

    • Connect and Control – After the application is downloaded on your Linux machine, login to your account and remotely connect to any computer configured to your account.
    • Access via Web – Connect to remote computers right from your web browser via Viewer Lite, without the hassle of any additional software installation.
    • Perform Multiple Tasks – Remotely open log files, send key combinations, send error reports, and enter or exit full screen of the remote computer.

    Supported versions of Linux OS:

    Debian (9,10), 

    Ubuntu (16, 18)

    RPM – RHEL (7), CentOS (7,8), Fedora (29, 30)

  • Tom’s Guide names IDrive as Best Cloud Backup Service

  • Working from home made easy with RemotePC

    As more and more companies start enabling their employees to work from home, it’s important that they provide the tools that will make connecting to their work computer easy, secure, and reliable.

    Since working from home often requires access to many resources that are kept on your office network, it is essential that employees are able to make a remote connection in order to ensure minimal disruption to normal work processes. Using a remote access solution such as RemotePC is the best way to be sure that employees are able to do exactly what they would be doing at work, from the comfort of their home.

    RemotePC allows employees to have reliable, encrypted access from one computer to another simply by installing the software on their work computers and accessing it from whatever computer they choose. The ability to do this gives businesses flexibility when it comes to situations where workers may not be able to make it into the office, but still need to remain productive from home. 

    RemotePC offers multiple plans that will fit the needs of businesses of many sizes, including the Consumer/SoHo plan for access up to 10 computers, the Team Plan for 50 computers or more, and the Enterprise Plan for 100 computers or more.

    The Team Plan gives administrators the ability to:

    • Manage Users – Organize users into groups, view remote access/web activity logs for users, via the web console.
    • Create groups of users and move them between multiple groups.
    • Add any number of users by inviting them to create an account within the main account.

    The Enterprise Plan gives admins ultimate control over their users, including features such as:

    • Remote Deployment – Allow deployment for users and grant them permission to install RemotePC on other computers and access them remotely.
    • Computer Grouping – Add computers, organize them into groups, and view the most recently accessed computers.
    • User Management – Create new user accounts, organize them into groups, provide access permissions and more.
    • Group Policy Management – Remotely deploy the RemotePC application on one or multiple computers via Windows Server.

    Get started with RemotePC today to make sure your employees can stay productive no matter what.

  • Digital Trends Names IDrive as Best Cloud Storage Service

    As Digital Trends points out in their latest cloud storage review, backing up your files to the cloud is a great way to protect your data, but choosing the right service to fit your needs isn’t always easy.

    Although IDrive doesn’t offer unlimited storage like some other services do, the competitive pricing and wealth of features helps us stand out above the rest according to the review. 

    Mainly, IDrive supports an unlimited number of Windows PCs, Mac OS systems, iOS and Android smart devices, tablets, and more can all be backed up into a single account, for no extra charge. Other services charge an extra fee per device, which can add up quickly.

    Along with this, IDrive gives you the ability to backup entire disk images, backup your files and folders to your external drives as well as the cloud, and access your entire backup set via web browser, desktop client, or mobile device.

    To round up the review, Digital Trends mentions IDrive Express, where we’ll send you a hard drive for you to upload your data onto, send it back to us, and we’ll handle the rest. This saves tons of time when dealing with larger data backups.

    Thanks to Digital Trends for the review!

  • IDrive goes Back-to-Back, Wins IGN’s Best Overall Cloud Backup Service again for 2020

    As IGN points out in their latest Cloud Backup Review, “Not all cloud services are created equal.” When it comes to backup, these services tend to vary pretty dramatically when it comes to pricing and functionality, and according to the review, IDrive offers the best combination of both.

    IGN’s review makes sure to point out the flexibility of IDrive, allowing users to backup to the cloud, external hard drives, or network drives, as well as creating local disk image backups in case of ransomware or drive failures.

    The review also points to the value of IDrive, giving users the ability to backup an unlimited number of devices including desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and servers. Compared to competing services who charge users per device, this gives IDrive the upper hand for users who have multiple devices to backup. 

    For recovery, restoring from the IDrive cloud is simple, with the Snapshots feature allowing users to restore file versions from a certain point of time. For large restores, users can have a hard drive shipped to them using the IDrive Express service, speeding up the restore process.

    IDrive is the perfect solution for users who know exactly what they want out of a backup solution, giving you complete control. This means letting you choose which files you want backed up, how often you want them backed up, and gives the option of a private encryption key for ultimate security.

    The final verdict according to IGN:

    “IDrive is pretty amazing, and offers a ton of useful features in a well laid out package, and at a very good price.”

    Thanks to IGN for the review!