IDrive Introduces Immutable Snapshots for IDrive® 360 Endpoint Cloud Backup, Ensuring Data Accuracy and Legal Compliance

IDrive Backup, an award winning provider of Cloud Backup and storage solutions, has unveiled immutable snapshots for IDrive® 360 Endpoint Backup, a new feature intended to enhance data accuracy, integrity and legal compliance for users worldwide. This guarantees that backups remain unchanged and legally admissible, complying with the strict standards of various industries.

This new feature addresses the critical need for data accuracy and protection against tampering, especially in industries where regulatory compliance is paramount. By implementing immutable snapshots, IDrive® 360 empowers users to maintain the authenticity and reliability of their data backups, ensuring that they remain secure and unaltered.

Snapshots with IDrive® 360 provides users with a historical view of their data, allowing them to perform point in time recovery of specific files. Snapshots supports up to 30 versions of files, letting users go back and restore the version of their choice. This means that if data gets infected with ransomware or other malicious software, users simply select a timeline before infection and restore it.

With the introduction of immutable snapshots, IDrive aims to prioritize data security and legal compliance for all IDrive® 360 users. IDrive is cementing their commitment to innovation and safeguarding user data, driving the company to deliver cutting-edge solutions that meet the highest standards of accuracy and integrity.

Immutable snapshots provide users with the assurance that their backups are not only secure but also legally valid, meeting the stringent requirements of organizations handling sensitive information. By offering this feature, IDrive Backup is solidifying its position as a trusted partner in data protection and compliance.

Pricing for IDrive® 360 starts at $99.50/year for 5 devices and unlimited storage. This feature is available for accounts created/devices added on or after March 5, 2024.