IDrive® e2 Announces new Edge Location in Bengaluru, Offering users in the Region Access to the Fastest S3 Compatible Cloud Object Storage Solution

IDrive® e2, offering fast s3 compatible object storage, has added a new edge location in Bengaluru, India, making it the first storage region in the area and giving customers in India the opportunity to utilize one of the fastest and most affordable S3 compatible object storage solutions available.

Since the inception of IDrive® e2 in 2022, the international demand for the service has continued to grow, prompting IDrive to aim to enhance the accessibility and performance of IDrive’s cloud storage services for customers across the globe, now including India.

This new location in Bengaluru will bring the high performing object storage service closer to individuals and businesses in the area, enabling faster data access and improved service reliability. By expanding to Bengaluru, IDrive is further strengthening its commitment to providing secure, efficient, and scalable cloud storage solutions to a rapidly growing customer base in India.

This enables users in the region to point their data to the Bengaluru edge center for a faster network and ease of access, and retrieve their data based on their convenience using associated access and a secret key. Data can be accessed via the IDrive® e2 web console or one of the many S3 Compatible clients that IDrive® e2 is compatible with.

IDrive® e2 is GDPR compliant and is committed to upholding comparable compliance measures, safeguarding personal data processed within India. 

With 15 locations across the US, Canada, Europe, and Southeast Asia, this expansion underscores IDrive’s dedication to delivering high-quality cloud storage solutions that meet the needs of customers all over the world. With the new location in Bengaluru, users can expect enhanced performance, lower latency, and increased data security.

IDrive® e2 object storage offers an affordable, scalable, and secure solution for storing and managing large volumes of data. With features such as data encryption, advanced access controls,and seamless integration with popular applications and platforms, IDrive® e2 is designed to meet the varying storage requirements of businesses and individuals.

With a straightforward pricing approach, IDrive® e2 is one of the most affordable and feature-packed object storage solutions available, starting at $30/TB/Year with no fees for egress and also offering a $4/TB/month pay-as-you-go monthly option.