IDrive Backup adds ConnectWise Manage Integration for IDrive 360 End-Point Cloud Backup

IDrive has introduced the addition of ConnectWise Manage integration for IDrive 360, enabling MSPs to leverage IDrive’s enterprise endpoint backup service through ConnectWise Manage for customer record management, billing, and tracking services. This integration will offer seamless data protection and management for MSPs using ConnectWise Manage’s professional services automation software.

IDrive 360 endpoint backup is an enterprise class solution offering unlimited storage designed to protect critical business data residing on endpoints, ensuring data security, compliance, and accessibility. The integration with ConnectWise Manage will enable businesses to streamline backup management within their existing ConnectWise ecosystem.

Having secure backups is a huge part of maintaining business continuity no matter the circumstances. By utilizing IDrive 360 endpoint backup through ConnectWise Manage, it’s easy to create backups, keep them secure, and make them available immediately as needed.

This integration lets MSPs seamlessly manage and monitor endpoint backups directly from the ConnectWise Manage dashboard, allowing for centralized oversight of backup activities across the entire organization. This simplifies workflow by integrating backup activities with existing ConnectWise Manage workflows, simplifying data management and processes and improving operational efficiency.

Features of IDrive 360 include:

  • File Backup – configure computer with the thin client application. Access it from the backup console and manage file backup, restore, and settings.
  • Image Backup – cloud-based image backup for Windows computers including the operating system (OS), system settings, and installed applications.
  • Google Workspace Backup – Secure your entire Google Workspace data from accidental deletion or ransomware attacks with 3 automated backups per day and direct cloud recoveries. Available as an additional add-on available for $20/seat/year. 
  • Microsoft Office 365 Backup – Enable automated backup for your Microsoft Office 365 users and quickly restore the backed up data in case of accidental deletions, cyber-attacks, and ransomware threats. Available as an additional add-on available for $20/seat/year. 
  • Linux Backup – add Linux machines, manage backup settings and schedules, perform restores from the centralized dashboard.
  • Entire Machine Backup – backup the entire computer, including the operating system, program files, system files, and boot files. Restore the computer to its initial state on the same or different hardware.
  • Mass deployment – reduce the workload for teams; remotely install the IDrive® 360 application on multiple PCs and Macs in one-go using group policy.
  • File-level recovery – save operations time with fast data recovery. Restore critical files from the cloud with an almost real-time objective, without recovering the entire system.

MSPs can take advantage of IDrive 360’s enhanced data security, using robust encryption and data protection features, ensuring that business-critical information remains secure and compliant with industry standards and regulations. 

The integration of IDrive 360 Enterprise Endpoint backup with ConnectWise Manage is now available for MSPs seeking to enhance and simplify their data protection strategies within the ConnectWise ecosystem.

Pricing for IDrive 360 starts at $99.50/year for 5 devices with unlimited storage.