IDrive® e2 launches Free Object Storage Cloud Migration Tool with no Data Minimums for Users Looking to Transfer Data from other Providers

IDrive® e2 has introduced an all new free cloud data migration tool to enable users to easily transfer data from other object storage providers directly to IDrive® e2 with no minimum data limits and no additional fees.

Cloud migration can often be a complex, time consuming, and costly process, with most users having to enlist a 3rd party tool to perform the migration from one storage provider to another, which adds additional cost when moving data. 

While other object storage providers do offer migration services, they tend to have a minimum data cap users must reach, or else they have to pay an additional fee to a 3rd party service to transfer their data. This isn’t only costly, but also more complex and risky for users with sensitive data.

IDrive has recognized the challenges users face when looking to switch providers and migrate their data and has taken a proactive approach to streamline and simplify the transition by empowering users with an easily accessible cloud migration service for accounts of all sizes, even users with smaller data sets can leverage the IDrive® e2 migration tool.  

“With the release of our new cloud migration tool, we are eliminating the barrier for customers to move their data to IDrive® e2 from other object storage providers,” said Raghu Kulkarni, CEO of IDrive Inc. “We are seeing customers who want to leave other object storage providers, but cannot afford to with vendor lock-in. We are making it simple to move data to IDrive® e2.”

IDrive® e2’s secure and reliable migration process ensures that data integrity and privacy are maintained throughout the transfer. Utilizing state-of-the-art encryption protocols, IDrive® e2 guarantees end-to-end protection for all transferred data, giving users peace of mind and full control over their information.

In addition to this completely free migration tool, IDrive® e2 offers a wide range of features including:

  • Ransomware protection – protect against data loss from malware attacks with file lock, versioning, and data retention
  • Object lock – restricts the modification or deletion of an object, helping to secure the files present in the buckets from any malware or cyber threats
  • Bucket versioning – every modification made to the objects in the bucket will be automatically saved as a new copy or version of the object allowing users to restore older versions of an object
  • Centralized access – access, manage, and restore data from anywhere via an easy to navigate web-based console
  • Security and Privacy – data is stored in data centers with physical and biometric security, and all transfers are secured with TLS protocol.

With a straightforward pricing approach, IDrive® e2 is already one of the most affordable and feature-packed object storage solutions available, starting at $30/TB/Year with no fees for egress and also offering a $4/TB/month pay-as-you-go monthly option.