IDrive is Offering the Most Affordable Microsoft Office 365 Backup, Enabling Small Businesses to Save while Safeguarding their Data

IDrive Backup is now offering Unlimited Microsoft Office 365 Backup at a fraction of the cost of competitors, helping small businesses save money while providing them with reliable data protection for their Office 365 data, ensuring peace of mind and minimizing the risk of data loss.

Having recognized the growing reliance on cloud-based productivity tools such as Microsoft Office 365, IDrive has enhanced their offering to give users the ability to back up from one cloud to another, allowing for businesses to effortlessly protect their Office 365 data including their entire Microsoft Office Suite with OneDrive, SharePoint, Exchange, and Teams data, unlike other backup services who only protect a limited amount of this data. With this approach, IDrive has eliminated the need for multiple backup agents, helping businesses save money and time.

Office 365 backup with IDrive provides comprehensive data protection, ensuring that all data is backed up, and eliminating the risk of accidental deletion, ransomware attacks, or service outages. With a user friendly, intuitive interface, small businesses are able to easily manage and restore their backups, empowering them to quickly recover data whenever necessary. 

Features of Microsoft Office 365 Backup with IDrive include:

  • Automated backups – runs three automated backups on a daily basis, protecting data from accidental deletion and ransomware or malware attacks.
  • Seamless retention –  retains previous versions of the backed up data as point-in-time snapshots, enabling users to run point-in-time restores of their data to the exact state it was in at the time of the backup.
  • Granular recovery – search and recover specific files, entire folders, images, videos, emails, and even contacts and calendars.
  • Company-wide search and restore – easily search and restore information from a single platform, as well as monitoring and controlling the data with organization-wide visibility.
  • Three-fold Data Protection –  Automated backup 3x times a day, AES 256-bit encrypted transfer and storage, and data controls that comply with industry standards.

Users also have full comprehensive control over their backups through a centralized web console, helping them to migrate, export, download, and perform cross-user restores with ease.

As with any data protection service, security is paramount, which is why IDrive offers robust encryption and multiple layers of protection, ensuring that all backed-up Office 365 data remains secure and private and complies with industry best practices

IDrive Microsoft Office 365 Backup is an available add-on for all plans including Mini, Personal, Business, Team, and Enterprise for $20/seat/year for unlimited storage. It is also available as a stand-alone plan for the same cost.