IDrive® e2 Offering Hot S3 Compatible Object Storage with new Storage Region in Singapore

IDrive® e2, offering fast s3 compatible object storage, has added a new edge location in Singapore, making it the first storage region in Southeast Asia, continuing to expand to offer customers all over the world the opportunity to utilize one of the fastest and most affordable S3 compatible object storage solutions available.

Since the release of IDrive® e2 there has been an increase in international demand for the service, prompting IDrive to continue to add new data centers worldwide. This new data center in Singapore is the first IDrive has launched in that region, dramatically improving speeds for users near this region when uploading their data.

IDrive® e2 is a scalable and durable cloud-object storage platform that stores petabytes of data on pay-per-use pricing. It is suitable for data storage, hosting applications, media workflow, gaming assets, e-commerce resources, and other large volumes of data.

Having storage regions around the world gives users the ability to point their data to the edge center closest to them for a faster network and ease of access, as well as being able to retrieve their data quickly based on their convenience. Data can be accessed via the IDrive® e2 web console or any S3 Compatible client such as MSP360, Rclone, Fastly, iconik, Arq, QNAP, Synology, Arcserve, Duplicati, NovaBackup or S3 Browser.

With the addition of the Singapore location, IDrive® e2 now has a total of 15 worldwide locations, including 8 in the U.S., and others in Canada and Europe, quickly becoming a service that can provide the fastest possible response times for all S3 API calls no matter where the user is located.

With a tierless pricing approach, IDrive® e2 is the most affordable object storage solution on the market, with pricing starting at $0.004/GB/month. The service offers no egress fees and also offers a free 7 day trial with 1TB of space for prospective users to test the service.

As far as data security for all storage regions, IDrive® e2 transmits all files using an encrypted TLS connection. Developers can also set Server-Side Encryption on e2 buckets. Data is stored in enterprise-class data centers equipped with state-of-the-art facilities with custom-designed elevated floors, HVAC temperature control systems with designated cooling zones, seismically-braced racks, and physical security features.