World Backup Day 2023 is here. Make Sure your Data is Protected with IDrive!

As technology continues to advance, the amount of data that we accumulate on our electronic devices continues to grow exponentially. From important work documents to cherished family photos, we rely heavily on our devices to store and safeguard our most valuable data. 

However, what happens when that data is lost due to a hardware failure, theft, or a natural disaster? This is where the importance of backing up your data comes into play, because losing data is extremely common, and one disaster can cause you to lose everything if the proper steps aren’t taken.

World Backup Day, celebrated yearly on March 31st, serves as a reminder to individuals and businesses alike to take the necessary steps to protect their data. Here are some reasons why backing up your data is essential:

  • Protection against hardware failure – electronic devices are not infallible, and hard drives can fail, and they do regularly. If you don’t have a backup of your data, you risk losing important files, photos, and videos forever. By backing up your data, you can easily restore it to a new device or hard drive without any data loss.
  • Protection against theft – losing your device due to theft can be a traumatic experience, and the loss of your data can be devastating. 
  • Protection against natural disasters – floods, fires, and earthquakes can cause significant damage to electronic devices. Backing up data to the cloud ensures that you can still access your files even if your physical devices are destroyed.
  • Peace of mind – backing up your data provides peace of mind knowing that your important files are safe and secure. This allows you to focus on other important matters without having to worry about your data.

When it comes to choosing a backup service, there’s a lot to consider including pricing, feature set, storage capacity, and performance. IDrive Backup checks all these boxes, coming in as one of the most affordable and feature-packed services available for the backup needs of any type of user.

Some features that make IDrive standout:

  • Pricing plans/Unlimited device backup – with regular offers for first year discounts, plan sizes of 5TB and 10TB for personal users, and unlimited devices at no extra cost, IDrive is one of the most affordable backup services.
  • Security and Privacy – IDrive uses 256-bit AES to encrypt data locally, by using either a key that IDrive sets or a private key created by the user. Also supports email-based two-factor authentication for accessing its web and mobile apps.
  • Continuous data protection – IDrive automatically recognizes the modified parts of files and backs them up.
  • Snapshots and Versioning – Snapshots provide historical view of data for point-in-time recovery and help protect against ransomware; IDrive retains up to 30 previous versions of all files backed up to your account.

Backing up your data is absolutely essential. It’s not a matter of “if” data loss will occur, it’s a matter of “when,” so be proactive and take the necessary steps to backup your data to protect yourself against disasters. This World Backup Day, take some time to assess your current data backup procedures and make any changes to ensure the safety and security of your data.