IDrive® e2 – World’s fastest S3 compatible storage, at an amazing price point, at more locations than anyone

At IDrive, we always strive to create solutions that meet or exceed expectations. We routinely win most cloud backup comparative tests, in performance, price, functionality, and our users agree too. This is what excites us the most.

Today IDrive is one of the leading cloud backup services in the world, thanks to the support of our users. So, we decided to take this idea to the plumbing of storage, and explore to see if we can replicate our success here.

Why now? you may ask. S3 came into being nearly 15 years ago, and some recent ones like Wasabi and B2 happened at least 6-7 years ago.

Here is why. We now host and manage over 500 Petabytes of Storage for our cloud backup services, with 1000s of servers. We know how to do this efficiently, profitably, securely while providing great performance at a great price. Sure there are discounted S3 compatible storage options, but you are compromising on performance and features, substantially.

We believe that users don’t have to compromise on performance and features for a discounted S3 compatible storage.

What is IDrive®  e2?

IDrive® e2 is an S3 compatible, scalable cloud-object storage platform that supports storing data in the cloud, off-site disaster recovery, an active and accessible data archive, and long term storage. It is a suitable and affordable solution for hosting applications, media workflow, gaming assets, e-commerce resources, and other large volumes of data.

IDrive® e2 is an extremely versatile solution, making it easy for any type of user to store their data. For example, developers can use it to have access to large amounts of storage space that’s needed for their applications. IT admins can use it to store corporate data and backup servers, having the data ready if it needs to be restored. Even individuals who require large amounts of storage space for their files will find e2 beneficial, as they can store and share all their files while only paying for the space they need.

It supports object locking, bringing immutability for protection from cybersecurity threats.

How much does it cost?

With a straightforward, tierless pricing approach, IDrive® e2 is the most affordable object storage solution available, with the first 10GB free and pricing starting at $0.004/GB/month. The service costs 80% less than AWS S3 with no ingress/egress fees, as well as being one of the few solutions available that does not charge an extra fee for downloading data. There are yearly plans as well with even more discounts.

Fastest performance – we can prove it!

With 8 edge locations across the US, IDrive® e2 is able to offer the fastest performance available, letting users point their data to the edge center closest to them for fast access.

You’re probably wondering, how can we be the fastest AND most affordable service available? Go ahead and run a speed test and see for yourself!


Users can use their favorite S3 based Apps for backup, data migration, restores, streaming and more. A shortlist of such tools include MSP360, Veeam, Cyberduck, Cloudflare, Fastly, Iconik, Arq, QNAP, Synology,, Arcserve, Duplicati, WinSCP, and S3 Browser.


IDrive® e2 transmits all files using an encrypted TLS connection. If you’re a developer, we highly encourage you to add your own encryption to your files before transmitting them to e2. Developers can also set Server-Side Encryption on e2 buckets.

Data is stored in enterprise-class data centers equipped with state-of-the-art facilities — custom-designed elevated floors, HVAC temperature control systems with designated cooling zones, seismically-braced racks — and physical security features. The data centers are periodically checked for vulnerabilities in the network infrastructure with third-party audits.