RemotePC Announces Enhanced Performance – Delivering Speeds up to 60 FPS for Fast Remote Desktop Access

RemotePC has announced performance enhancements for the leading remote desktop access solution, now delivering speeds of up to 60 FPS and making it possibly the fastest remote access service for Windows computers from anywhere.

“We take our customer feedback very seriously. With the increasing need for low latency remote access across many industries,  we’ve delivered a high performance product that supports worker’s ability to complete tasks quickly and without frustration,” says Raghu Kulkarni, CEO of IDrive Inc.

The RemotePC Performance Viewer, now RemotePC’s default viewer application for accessing a remote computer, was created to give users the smoothest and most seamless experience possible, minimizing latency and allowing remote workers of all types to work efficiently from wherever they are. 

For remote workers in creative fields which require high performance computing such as video editing, 3D design, and game development among others, having high frame rates is massively beneficial, giving them the ability to work on projects without any impediments or limitations.

“As the pandemic caused many businesses to switch to a work-from-home model, we understand that some remote workers require higher performance than others, so our objective was to create a solution that addresses the needs of all, including creative industries,” adds Mr. Kulkarni.

With delivery of speeds up to 60 FPS providing minimal latency, RemotePC is now also perfectly suitable for remote gaming, giving gamers the opportunity to access and play games on their remote Windows computers from anywhere.

These enhancements are now available for all RemotePC accounts, making it one of the best combinations of affordability and performance on the market.