IDrive Introduces Remote Desktop – Providing Secure Remote Access to Windows Computers and Servers via RDP

IDrive has launched Remote Desktop, enabling users to remotely access their RDP-based Windows computers and servers from any PC, Mac, Android or iOS device at any time, from anywhere.

Remote Desktop provides a fast and secure remote access solution that does not require users to configure a VPN, Microsoft RD Gateway, public servers/IP, or firewall changes. This allows users to access their work, share files/folders, and manage their computer as if they are sitting in front of it, making it a suitable solution for remote work, remote learning, and work-from-home initiatives.

A major benefit of the service is that it lets users avoid the cumbersome configuration and expensive maintenance required by using Microsoft RD Gateway, with there being no need for a system admin to maintain the remote access, no need to invest in VPN routers/servers, and no system environment dependency on Microsoft domain controller or RDP licenses. 

In addition, robust security features such as end-to-end encryption, trusted devices, two-step verification, and Single Sign-on help to secure RDP, making it an ideal solution for users looking for an alternative to Microsoft RD Gateway.

More features of Remote Desktop include:

  • User Management – add users to the Remote Desktop account and manage their remote access rights via the web application.
  • File transfer and Remote printing – copy and paste multiple files and folders between local and remote computers, and print remotely stored documents, PDFs, images, and other files using your local printers.
  • Multi-access sessions – establish simultaneous remote connections to one computer/server from multiple Remote Desktop viewers.
  • Device redirection – access local devices and resources such as drives, printers, smart cards, video-capturing devices, and PnP devices in remote sessions.
  • Access via Agent Installation – remotely access PCs via agent installation and skip configuring Microsoft RD Gateway, VPN tunneling, and firewall changes.
  • Remote Deployment – deploy the Remote Desktop agent on multiple computers via Microsoft Group Policy using the MSI and MST files.
  • Multi-Monitor Support – conveniently work with multiple monitors of your remote desktop. View and switch between multiple monitors on a single screen.

Remote Desktop also assists businesses to meet the mandates of government and industry regulations in regards to digital data management, safekeeping, and privacy. It assists medical, accounting, and legal compliances such as HIPAA, SOX, GLBA, SEC / FINRA.

Pricing for the service starts at $9.95/year per computer for unlimited users and unlimited remote access. Remote Desktop also offers a free 7 day trial for up to 5 users, no credit card required.