IDrive Enhances IDrive Photos – Becoming the Fastest Cloud Backup Mobile App Available Offering Unlimited Storage

IDrive Backup has made enhancements to IDrive® Photos, now offering possibly the fastest and most affordable unlimited photo/video cloud backup app available for iOS and Android, enabling users to back up their mobile photo galleries almost instantly.

With these improvements, IDrive is ensuring that users can quickly protect all of their precious memories that are stored on their mobile devices, even faster than Google Photos for most devices and at most locations.

Since the majority of people carry their phones with them at all times and like to document their lives through photos and videos, storing these files in a secondary location is a necessity just in case their device is no longer accessible. With IDrive Photos, users will have peace of mind that all of their photos and videos are stored securely in the cloud and ready to be recovered.

Unlike competing photo backup services, IDrive Photos offers unlimited, full resolution storage space so users don’t have to pick and choose which photos and videos they want to back up. All of this comes at a price of just $9.95/year. New users can sign up directly on the IDrive website and get a 90% off first year discount for just 99 cents.

Along with being the most affordable, IDrive Photos comes full of features that make it one of the best performing and easiest to use services, including:

  • Unlimited, full resolution photo and video backup 
  • Restore from anywhere – download photos and videos from IDrive Photos account to any device
  • Share Photos/Videos online – effortlessly share photos/videos with friends and family through the IDrive Photos app
  • Timeline View – photos are organized by date, making it easy to view photos from a specific period
  • Auto-upload – ensures all new photos/videos are automatically uploaded from the device to the IDrive Photos account
  • Favorites – create a “favorites” album for faster access to favorite photos/videos

To get started with IDrive Photos, new users have to just download the application on their iOS or Android device, create an account and sign-in, and allow access to all the photos and videos on the device to enable automatic backup.