IDrive chosen as PCWorld Editor’s Choice for Cloud Backup and the Best Cloud Storage for Photos in 2021 from Digital Camera World

When it comes to protecting your critical data, whether it’s personal or business related, it’s usually not enough to only back it up to just an external drive. You’ll want to have a cloud backup solution that stores your data off-site just in case an on-site disaster wipes everything out.

There are many services to choose from to accomplish this, and PCWorld has made it easy by choosing IDrive as their Editor’s Choice for Cloud Backup

PCWorld points out that IDrive is one of the only providers that still offers a free plan. IDrive also offers 5TB and 10TB plan sizes for personal users, as well as Enterprise and Team plans which include more business-oriented features, allowing admins to manage users and more.

More features that separate IDrive from the competition according to PCWorld:

These features include:

  • Continuous Data Protection (CDP) – automatically backs up changes made to files
  • Support for Windows, OS X, Android, iOS, various NAS boxes, 
  • Snapshots – restore data to a specific point in time
  • IDrive Express – a two-way physical shipment service for faster backups and restores

The final verdict from PCWorld?

“IDrive offers the most comprehensive set of backup and backup-related features of any online service we’ve tested, plus one of the simplest clients we’ve seen for those that just want to back up with a minimum of fuss.”

For users that have a lot of photos to backup, Digital Camera World did a comprehensive roundup of the Best Cloud Storage for Photos for 2021, with IDrive coming out on top once again. 

What makes IDrive the perfect solution for photo backup?

  • Fast, easy, and lets you sync files across multiple devices
  • Generous personal plan sizes of 5TB and 10TB which are regularly discounted
  • Simple web interface
  • Share files with family, friends, or associates
  • 30 versions of files are retained, so you can roll back to an older version of an image
  • Facial recognition so you can easily organize images in your portfolio

The final verdict from Digital Camera World?

“IDrive is a comprehensively featured cloud storage solution that offers plenty of storage capacity for a very reasonable outlay. It’s easy to use, compatible with multiplier devices and there are plenty of plans to suit your storage capacity requirements, usage scenario and budget.”