Remote Desktop Software – What is it and how can it help your business?

The past year has seen many companies shift to a remote workforce to keep their employees safe and healthy during the pandemic, and for many this could end up being a more permanent solution. For this to be effective, employees need to be able to connect to their work computers from home so they can access everything as if they were in the office. A remote desktop solution such as RemotePC is the best way to accomplish this.

How does it work?

Remote desktop solutions work by allowing users to connect to their remote desktop from any location. Once connected, they can access their office network and perform tasks as if they were there.

With RemotePC, the software simply needs to be installed on the remote computer that is being accessed, then users can connect from anywhere, including from any web browser.

This ensures business continuity for teams that are working fully remotely by allowing them to set up workspaces from wherever they are most comfortable and productive. 

Benefits of Remote Desktop Software

While it may be inconvenient for some to be out of the office, using a service like RemotePC helps to make it a seamless transition. 

The first benefit was already mentioned, but it’s important enough to mention twice: keeping employees safe and healthy during the pandemic, while still being productive. RemotePC offers the flexibility that enable users to do everything at home that they would be doing in the office, including:

  • Access your PC, Mac, or Linux machine from any device, anytime, anywhere
  • Effortlessly manage files, transfer data, and print documents remotely
  • Collaborate with associates by inviting them to access your machine and work on projects in real time

Another benefit is that it allows users to resolve work emergencies from anywhere. If something comes up that requires immediate attention, users can instantly connect and get it handled, even when they’re on the move.

Why RemotePC?

As companies are continuing to accommodate remote working for the foreseeable future, it’s important that they choose the right solution for their business needs. What makes RemotePC a great choice?

  • Good price points with customizable plans for scaling
  • Great performance with low impact on system resources  
  • Easy set up in minutes
  • Access from web, desktop application, or mobile applications for iOS and Android
  • Secured with TLS v 1.2/AES-256 encryption for both remote computer access and file transfers, plus support for firewall and proxy servers.

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