ITPro Gives RemotePC Team 5 Stars

An affordable remote access solution is a great way for organizations to be sure that their employees can remain productive and efficient no matter where they are working from. RemotePC gives the ability to access your office computer and network with no disruptions, making it simple to do everything as if you were there.

ITPro recently took a look at RemotePC’s Team plan, which they determined is a great solution for smaller organizations and businesses to provide their employees with reliable and affordable remote access. 

RemotePC Team allows admins to create unlimited users and add them into groups via a central management web portal, making it easy to keep track of users and keep them organized, as ITPro points out. 

Feature-wise, RemotePC Team comes with all the tools you’ll need, including remote access to Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS devices, chat, file transfer, remote printing, session recording, and collaborative sessions.

ITPro also notes that Vision and Meeting, two useful add-ons to RemotePC, are also included with all plans. Vision provides users with live video and audio streaming for Android and iOS devices, making it easy to provide live support with any issue. Meeting gives users the ability to have instant or scheduled live video conference sessions with unlimited participants.

Security is one of the most important aspects of remote access, so RemotePC gives users the option of protecting their sessions with a personal key. The “Trusted Devices” option helps to enhance security by triggering an email to the account holder when there is any attempt to connect from a new location. Also, no matter what type of connection you use, all communications between the host and remote computers are AES-256 encrypted.

All in all, the final verdict from ITPro:

“SMBs seeking an affordable cloud-hosted support solution will find RemotePC Team a great choice. The core services are easy to deploy and use, while the free Vision and Meeting apps add versatility to your remote support offering.”

Thanks to ITPro for the review!