Work From Home Essentials with IDrive and RemotePC – Cloud Backup & Remote Desktop

Many organizations across the world have recently adopted a work from home strategy to help combat COVID19 and assist their employees in being safe while still being productive. 

However, working from home has its challenges, so it’s important to have software solutions that can help users easily access their remote desktop, as well as solutions that allow users to manage backups of critical files on their office computers from wherever they are. You never know what could happen to your work computer while you’re away, so it’s essential to be able to schedule and monitor regular backups of your files.

Combining IDrive Online Backup and RemotePC is a perfect method to ensure that employees can easily check on the health of their backups, as well as access anything else they need to do on their office computer.

With IDrive, users can easily sync their backed up files across all of their devices and access them from anywhere, so you’re essentially able to carry all of your files with you. This makes it easy to be away from the office and still be able to access any file as needed, from any device.

Working from home however requires more than just accessing files, so a remote access solution that lets you access your office computer from your home office or any remote desktop and control it as if you were in front of it is just as critical. 

With RemotePC, you can gain direct access to your computer and network via the web or desktop application, and it includes many features that make it a secure and efficient tool such as:

  • Effortlessly view and transfer files
  • Drag and Drop files from your remote desktop to your computer and vice versa
  • Chat – send and receive messages between remote computers
  • Security – remote access is secured with TLS v 1.2 / AES-256 encryption; Personal Key acts as a secondary password to access each machine.
  • User Management – conveniently organise users into groups, monitor their web activity, via a user-friendly web console.
  • Blank Host Screen – the screen of your distant computer blanks out, therefore no one can view your activities.

For situations where face-to-face communication is necessary, RemotePC also offers RemotePC Meeting, a secure, business class online meeting solution. Meeting gives users instant video conferencing abilities, allowing for unlimited participants. RemotePC Meeting comes as a free add-on with all plans.

Using IDrive and RemotePC can go a long way in giving businesses peace of mind knowing that their employees’ data is secure, and they have all the tools necessary to remain productive while working from home.