Introducing RemotePC Meeting – a secure business class online video conferencing tool

As use of remote access services continues to rise to help people work from home, it’s important that these services are providing all the tools to help workers be just as effective at home as they would be in the office. To continue to assist workers who are working remotely, RemotePC has added RemotePC Meeting for free to all accounts, letting you join and host online video meetings from your home office desk, a conference room, or any remote location.

RemotePC Meeting is a video conferencing solution which allows business organizations to conduct online meetings over the Internet with unlimited participants. This gives you a highly secure way to meet face to face with your colleagues for collaboration with no time limits, no matter where they are in the world.

Built-in collaboration tools help you to communicate with your associates, making RemotePC Meeting a convenient way to get the job done as a team. These tools include:

Dial in via phone – overcome poor Internet connections and join meetings by dialing in through your phone (support for international numbers).
Group and Private messaging – exchange messages and share file attachments with all the participants at a time or chat with individual participants.
Screen Sharing – deliver presentations, demonstrate an application or procedure by sharing your screen with other participants.
Session Recording – capture your meetings for record-keeping; view or share recordings from the dashboard. Record unlimited amount of meetings
Whiteboard – brainstorm ideas with other attendees; draw on the whiteboard.

When compared with Google Meet, RemotePC Meeting has a few advantages, the main one being that we offer a desktop application for situations where users have non-compatible browsers.

On the other hand, compared with another competitor, Zoom, Meeting does not require you to download the desktop client, letting you access meetings from compatible browsers. Meeting also does not limit meeting length, whereas Google Meet limits meetings to one hour with the free version, and Zoom 40 minutes.

RemotePC Meeting is highly secure, requiring all meeting attendees to be invited to join. Additionally, hosts can choose to password protect meetings or enable admin permissions when joining. All meetings are also secured with encryption.

To schedule meetings directly from your Google, Yahoo, or Outlook calendars, there is a Meeting Scheduler Chrome Extension, allowing hosts to easily send calendar invitations so attendees can join with a single click.

RemotePC Meeting is available as a FREE add on with all RemotePC plans and can also be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play Store.

Start meeting now!