RemotePC Unveils Vision – AR Powered Remote Assistance Tool

If you’ve ever been in a situation where you need to receive or provide immediate assistance, whether it’s troubleshooting an IT issue, assisting in repairs, or more, you know how frustrating it can be for both sides to have to wait for a technician to be on-site in order to resume normal operations.

To help with this, RemotePC has launched RemotePC Vision, an AR powered live video remote assistance tool that allows users to offer and receive instant support through live streaming. 

Customers can now share live videos of their projects with experts by using the RemotePC Vision mobile application, letting them receive instant support remotely using live video sharing with augmented reality. This helpful tool saves downtime and travel costs by allowing technicians to provide support from absolutely anywhere.

RemotePC Vision enables users to quickly initiate a call by creating a session with the customer’s name and phone number and sending a link through SMS. Upon installation of the mobile application, the customer will be able to show their requirements using real-time camera sharing on iOS and Android devices.

During live video sessions, both customers and technicians can place annotations over the video stream to communicate specific issues, classify information for training purposes, or highlight a technical requirement. Annotations can be used either by placing arrows that point to targets, or free hand drawings.

Two-way live audio transmission is also supported with RemotePC Vision, allowing users to communicate clearly within the video sharing session. These video sharing sessions can also be recorded for future reference.

Remote video assistance with audio and annotations provides a wide variety of use cases, including but not limited to:

  • IT Support – Get a visual narrative of the end user requirement and provide interactive guidance.
  • Training and Development – Remotely train staff on the latest industry updates and avoid expensive travel and accommodation.
  • Repair and Maintenance – Assist on-site experts with repair operations using video annotation and reduce downtime.

All ARKit (for iOS) and ARCore (for Android) supported devices are compatible with RemotePC Vision. RemotePC Vision is included for free with consumer/SoHo, Team and Enterprise accounts.