ISEL Formula Student Team Utilizes IDrive while Building Eco-Friendly Racecars

When working on a long-term project for school, work, or just for fun, it’s critical to be sure that your data is safe from disasters. After all, losing some important files due to a hard drive crash, natural disaster, or a simple accident could lead to you having to start an entire project over from  scratch, leaving you in a rush to play catch-up and potentially sacrificing the quality of your work.

The ISEL Formula Student team from Lisbon, Portugal, can attest to this. Having been formed four years ago with the main goal of creating reliable, high performance, and environmentally conscious racecars, the ISEL team fully understands the importance of protecting their critical files, as well as the need to keep these files updated across all their devices.

With a need for an affordable backup service and having a limited budget, the ISEL Formula Student team looked to IDrive Online Backup’s vast yet cost-effective feature set in order to satisfy their requirements. As Andre, a member of the team put it, “collaboration is key when working with any team,” so they preferred a backup system that would allow them to share the 3D assembly of the car between each team member, as well as sharing technical documentation, and various templates and media files.

Utilizing IDrive allowed the ISEL team to do just that. IDrive understands the importance of being more than a backup solution, with our sync service really coming in handy in this case.

Being split up into four main groups, the team needed their information to be easily accessible by each. The sync feature allowed them to keep their critical files updated on all of their devices, allowing each group to have access to everything the need, all within a single account. Plus, IDrive allows access to previous versions of files, which is hugely valuable when constant changes are being made to those files.

All this, along with affordable plan prices and sizes, combine to make IDrive the perfect tool for any team looking to protect and conveniently access their data. Sign up today to get started.

Thank you and good luck to the ISEL Student Formula team!