Crashplan users: We invite you to try IDrive

With the recent closing of Crashplan Home, we invite ALL Crashplan users to give IDrive a try! We are offering Crashplan users 5TB of backup space for 90% off your first year. That’s 5TB of space for only $6.95 year one!

Want to know how IDrive stacks up against the competition? Check out our competitive comparison charts:

Need to upload large amounts of data? We can help you migrate your Crashplan data over with IDrive Express! Our free seeding service offered once a year to personal accounts at no cost.

We also offer mobile backup/restore via iOS and Android apps, NAS Backups apps for QNAP, Netgear, etc. and the best part of all: the ability to backup as many devices as you want into one account for one-low cost.

10 years in, and we’re still constantly updating our service to give our users the most up-to-date backup features on the market. We look forward to continuing to support the consumer backup market. We look forward to welcoming Crashplan users!