RemotePC Vs Competitors: Why RemotePC by IDrive is best solution for your Remote Access needs

Sometimes with technology things don’t exactly go according to plan. At times you might need your IT specialist to troubleshoot an urgent issue you are having, but what if he/she can’t come onsite? How can they access your computer from a separate location and fix the problem? Or what happens if you go on vacation and you notice something is not quite right on your work computer, what can you do? With a remote access solution such as RemotePC by IDrive, your IT specialist can provide support from anywhere with an internet connection, and you can have peace of mind knowing that when you take some time off, you can still access your work computer if you need to.

When choosing a solution, it’s important that you choose a service that has all the features you need at a price you can afford. Let’s take a look at some of the features offered by RemotePC that our competitors do not so you can make the best decision for your remote access needs.

RemotePC vs GoToMyPC:

  • With RemotePC, you can access computers through the web from anywhere, meaning that only the computer being accessed needs to have the software installed. With GoToMyPC, you must have the software installed on all computers.
  • RemotePC allows users to record remote sessions for later reference, while GoToMyPC does not have the option to record.
  • Pricing: RemotePC starts from $17.38 for the first year for access to 10 computers. GoToMyPC charges $134 for 1 computer yearly.
  • RemotePC offers 1TB of IDrive’s Award Winning Backup Service to go with your subscription free of charge. GoToMyPC does not offer backup.

RemotePC vs LogMeIn:

  • RemotePC can transfer files with the remote computer without establishing a connection. With LogMeIn, a connection must be established between the computers in order to transfer files.
  • With RemotePC, users can record remote sessions on all platforms to save to your local computer for future reference. LogMeIn only allows this feature on Windows.
  • For RemotePC, the software only needs to be installed on the computer being accessed, while LogMeIn requires the software to be installed on all computers.
  • Pricing: RemotePC starts from $17.38 for the first year for access to 10 computers. LogMeIn individual plan costs 249.99 for access to 2 computers.

RemotePC vs TeamViewer:

  • With RemotePC, no software needs to be installed on your local computer, only the computers being accessed. With TeamViewer, software needs to be installed on all computers.
  • With RemotePC you can print documents and images on remote computers from anywhere, on any platform. TeamViewer only offers this feature on Windows.
  • Pricing: TeamViewer plans start at $849 yearly for unlimited host computers, 1 connection and access from 3 remote devices.
  • RemotePC comes with 1TB of IDrive’s Award Winning Backup Service to go with your subscription. TeamViewer does not come with backup.

As you can see, RemotePC by IDrive is not only the most affordable solution by far, but it also comes packed with features that will make your remote access experience a simple and seamless one.

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