It’s National Cyber Security Awareness Month! Is your Data Protected?

The increase in the use of technology in our day to day lives has given us tremendous opportunities for innovation and continues to provide us with new ways to enhance our way of life. However, this increased reliance on technology poses a greater risk to our data, which is why IDrive Online Backup is committed to ensuring that your data is protected in the face of all cyber threats.

National Cyber Security Awareness Month is an annual campaign that aims to raise awareness about keeping your data secure in a connected world. As we know, data can be lost in a variety of ways such as natural disasters, theft, viruses, or a simple mistake. We’ve seen plenty of examples of businesses or consumers suffering data loss due to one of these threats, so how can you be sure that your business and personal data can be recovered?

One way is to backup all your laptops, PCs, mobile devices, and servers to the cloud with IDrive. By doing this, you are creating off site copies of your most important and precious data, whether it be photos, videos, business files, and much more, ready to be restored from the cloud in case the worst happens.

Here’s how IDrive can help:

  • Multiple Device Backup — Protect ALL of your devices, from PC to Mac, laptop to desktop, Android to IOS, into one account for one low price.

  • Security and Privacy — Data is secured with 256-bit AES encryption on transfer and storage, with the option of creating a private key for the ultimate level of protection.

  • Manage Computers — Manage your data backups, restore files/folders, modify application settings, view logs and much more remotely from our web-based console.

  • Server Backup — Backup all of your servers and databases with no downtime.

  • Social Media Backup — Protect photos from your Facebook and Instagram accounts, including photos you are tagged in, to make sure those memories last forever.

Yes, October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore the other 11 months. You should always be sure that your data is being protected, not only to keep private information private, but to give you peace of mind knowing that your data can be recovered no matter what happens. Sign up for IDrive today to get started.