Manage your Backup Settings with “User Lockdown” for the Enterprise and MSPs

As you already know, ensuring that your business data is managed properly is a critical aspect of maintaining the stability of your company or organization. That’s why here at IDrive, we want to give all IT administrators the ability to easily manage each and every user and device from a single web admin console.

If you recall, earlier this year we added a new reporting tool that gives admins a detailed view of all of their sub-accounts. Now, we’ve added another feature to help with user management to IDrive Enterprise accounts.

“User Lockdown” allows administrators to lock/unlock client desktop settings from the web admin console, making sure that users don’t accidentally make changes to backup settings that they should not be making. This is also an important feature for MSPs who are managing their customers data, as they can make sure their customers settings, etc aren’t being changed.

The addition of this new feature provides admins with even more control of their enterprise accounts than ever before, and will go a long way in helping businesses maintain the integrity and organization of their data.

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