Introducing IDrive Private Cloud, an On-premise Cloud Backup Appliance

At IDrive, we recognize that a lot of businesses have a need to keep their data on-site but also accessible from separate locations through the cloud. To do this, they require a scalable, high-performance data protection and management solution without increasing overall IT workload.

IDrive is excited to introduce our newest feature-packed backup appliance, IDrive Private Cloud, a 6TB cloud backup appliance that includes 6TB of cloud backup space. Private cloud offers users the flexibility and speed of on-premise backup so you can recover from a disaster if needed, while having the ability to access and manage your business data from anywhere with an internet connection.

IDrive Private Cloud boasts a myriad of features and services that make it one of the most cost-effective and user-friendly backup solutions on the market, including:

  • Pre-configured, rack mountable server delivered directly to user’s door ready to plug in
  • Proven IDrive Cloud on-premises for faster backups and restores
  • Manage backups on remote computers and create new accounts using IDrive’s new Dashboard
  • Secure data using AES 256-bit encryption, with optional private key
  • Adheres to the strictest data protection and compliance requirements
  • On-Demand scalability that is cost-effective and easy to manage

Private cloud utilizes the same software as the IDrive public cloud that users are already accustomed to, diminishing the learning curve for current users looking to make the upgrade.

Pricing for IDrive Private Cloud starts at $1000 for the first year (reg. $2000) for the 6TB appliance and includes 6TB of cloud backup space. If more space is required it is available upon request.

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