Are you Protecting ALL your Devices?

A typical household these days owns on average 5 devices. Think about it. PCs, Laptops, Smart Phones and Tablets have all become a necessity for the majority of people’s daily lives and they all have one thing in common: they contain critical data.

As with any device that has important data on it, you’ll want to back it up in case disaster strikes, but most cloud backup services will charge you additional fees as you add devices to your account and that can get costly.

Not with IDrive. We call it Universal Online Backup, meaning you can backup data from ALL of your devices into a single cloud account for one low fee, providing a reliable and affordable way to protect all of your data.

Backup Data from Multiple Computers

Say you have a laptop for work, a desktop at home, your kid’s each have a computer, as does your significant other. Must be a pain to back all of these up, right?

Wrong. Simply install the IDrive application on each computer, log in using the same credentials for each, schedule your backups and sit back and relax. IDrive will create a unique folder for each of the devices you backup, keeping your data organized and making it easy to be sure everything’s running smoothly.

Protect your Mobile Devices!

Ever lost your phone? Forgot it in your pocket when you went in the pool? We’ve all experienced an incident that has caused us to lose critical data from our mobile device, and it’s no fun having to ask all your friends and family for their phone numbers again (because who memorizes phone numbers anymore?) or losing those precious photographs.

To protect yourself from going through that often painful process, simply download the free IDrive Online Backup App from The App Store, or Google Play and start backing up your contacts, photos, videos, calendar events and more.

Don’t let additional fees keep you from protecting all your devices. Sign up for IDrive today and rest easy knowing that if disaster strikes, your data is protected.