Will More Internal iphone Storage Kill the Need for Cloud Storage?

We’ve all heard the latest leaked report that Apple will be releasing a 256GB iPhone next month, but has anyone considered that with more internal iPhone storage, will consumers still find the need to use cloud storage services? Some might be thinking if they opt for the 256GB model, they won’t need to use cloud storage to backup their contacts and photos, etc….

So, that begs the question: Will more internal iphone storage kill the need for cloud storage? Let’s dive into points

1) Having larger internal storage is great, it shows that consumers are taking more videos, and photos than ever before, but what happens if you drop your iphone, it breaks and it wont turn back on? What if it gets stolen? You’ve possibly lost all of your contacts, photos and videos. More internal storage can’t save you there…but having a cloud backup can help you get back all of your iphone data.

2) Virus and hackers, eventually with the growth of ransomware in the PC market, hackers and viruses will get to iphones, possibly being able to whip out your contacts, videos and photos. Having a good backup app can help users protect their phones data, again, internal storage can’t help you there.

The need for cloud storage will always be there.