Introducing IDrive Nearline, A More Cost-Effective and Faster Nearline Backup Solution

The most cost-effective nearline backup service for backup, data archival, and disaster recovery is here. IDrive Nearline allows you to store an unlimited amount of data for only 1 cent per GB/month, and access it anytime in the span of a second. This solution is perfect for keeping infrequently accessed data protected and instantly accessible on a budget.

Affordable Data Archiving

Why pay a fee for both backing up and retrieving data? That was our first question when looking at the status quo of data archival. The purpose of data archival is storing data you need to keep on hand, but not necessarily access frequently. You shouldn’t be charged for one-off retrieval. To spare your bottom line, we scrapped retrieval fees altogether, becoming one of the few archiving solutions to do so.

Instant response times

While other solutions like Google and Amazon Glacier offer 3 second and 3-5 hour response times, respectively, IDrive Nearline provides immediate access to your data in under a second.

Backup Data Faster

Uploading data yourself takes time and bandwidth. While you’re transferring files from your home or office, there’s not much more your computer can do in the interim. That can slow down business operations that are essential to your revenue.

Rather than subject users to backup purgatory, we created a fastlane with our Express shipping service. The process is simple. We send you an external drive to load your data onto. You ship the drive back to us and we’ll have your files ready to be accessed.

Nearline Benefits

  • Saves time, power, bandwidth and other data storage costs.

  • All data is encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption during transit and storage

  • Backup & retrieval client application

  • More affordable when compared to regular backup solutions

IDrive Nearline is a by-request online backup service, available now.