How Your Non-Profit Can Fit Online Backup into the Budget

Cloud backup can be costly, especially for non-profit organizations with plenty of devices and a limited IT budget. IDrive’s Online Backup for Non-profits can help.

There are over 150k non-profits in the US, roughly a third of which make no more than $1,000,000 in revenue each year (National Center for Charitable Statistics). Since the cost of data recovery and downtime can be well over the total revenue of many non-profits, storing data offsite with a cloud backup solution is a necessary measure for avoiding the paralyzing, and potentially terminal cost of data loss. 

In addition to the high price of losing data, non-profits also have to consider the security of the personal information of their donors and benefactors, and the subsequent cyber liability.

It’s clear that NPOs shouldn’t go without cloud backup. The question is, how do they fit it into a limited budget?

IDrive Cares About Your Cause

We believe NPOs shouldn’t have to risk losing their grant applications, charity event details, donor databases, financial statements, membership lists — in other words, the lifeblood of their organization — to stay on budget.

To help out, we give non-profits 50% off on IDrive, starting at 1TB for $29.95. Once your organization verifies its non profit status, that 50% savings will continue every year, for the life of the account.

This offer is open to any non-profit with an IRS Determination Letter, and includes a suite of advanced security features to help you not only protect, but better support your cause.

One Price for Every Device

When you’re working for a cause with limited funding, every penny matters. And with a whole network of devices, backup can get pricey if the solution you choose seeks to capitalize on the number of devices you need to backup. In fact, most backup solutions will offer you a basic plan for securing one computer, then charge you an additional fee per every extra smartphone, tablet, computer, or server you backup. This is status quo pricing in the backup industry which prioritizes revenue rather than making the solution accessible to anyone regardless of their budget.

Our multi-device backup plan suits the non-profit budget with an innovative pricing plan. NPOs need only pay one price to backup every device, from server to smartphone. Every cent you save backing up your organization can be invested into the cause for which you fight.

Security That Sustains

US non-profits gather the personal information of millions of Americans. That means they carry the responsibility of keeping this data safe.

To help keep non-profits safe from cyber liability, all data backed up with IDrive is secured with military grade 256-bit AES encryption. This tough encryption is used in the shielding of confidential documents by the US military, and can help your NPO keep the personal information of its benefactors and donors secure from data breaches.

Data loss can be caused by a variety of threats, from natural disasters to viruses. But none of them can stop you from recovering your data and picking up operations fast if you’re secured with an online backup solution like IDrive. Is your non-profit in need of backup? Try out our proven solution for 50% off today.