Here’s How IDrive is Helping the UK and Canada Secure their Data

The world needs backup. That’s why we’re launching dedicated portals for the United Kingdom and Canada to connect international users with the data protection they need.

The UK is home to millions of companies, big and small, that make it the 5th largest economy in the world. Canada is the land of small business, with SMBs making up the majority of Canadian companies. But data loss caused by threats such as storms, earthquakes, viruses, and theft can cripple these businesses at their very foundation. In fact, 70% of businesses struck by data loss are shuttered within 2 years. To keep data sheltered through any disaster, these companies need the security of an award-winning cloud backup solution such as IDrive.  

For personal users, we’ve taken into account that the average household in both the UK and Canada own at least 5 devices. That’s why we offer backup for an unlimited number of computers, smartphones, and tablets, from all the major platforms, at no additional charge per extra device.

UK and Canadian users who have a large amount of data to backup can get started fast and easy with IDrive Express, a shuttle service that expedites your big backups with zero bandwidth use. IDrive delivers you a drive that holds up to 3TB of your data, which you send back to us to backup for you within seven days.

In addition to providing backup solutions for British and Canadian businesses and personal users, we’ll be updating them with the latest tech and business news from each territory.

We’ll also be periodically spotlighting international IDrive users’ backup stories. If you’d like to share your testimonial, get in touch at