Get to Know Our Portable Storage Drives: Which Is Best for Your Backup?

IDrive Portable, IDrive Express, and IDrive Wi-Fi.

IDrive has made three portable storage drives, each with its own unique function. So which drive is right for you? Well, it depends on your backup needs. Here’s the lowdown on these nifty devices, from the IDrive team-members who use them.

IDrive Portable

Our first drive was known as IDrive Portable, a 320 GB drive that came in sleek nautical blue. Our Product Specialist James remembers the device fondly: “I like the idea of carrying your important files in your pocket for whenever you need them, so I used IDrive Portable nearly every day. ” IDrive Portable is no longer available, but its legacy was carried on into IDrive’s next innovation, IDrive Wi-Fi, a drive which would bring users unprecedented storage and portability.

IDrive Wi-Fi

IDrive Portable, a USB device, evolved into IDrive Wi-Fi to give users the speed of local backups with the convenience of wi-fi. Allen’s preference for this drive is due in part to the lightning speed wireless backups making his job easier, but also because he can’t stand tangled cables.

“You don’t understand how many wires I’ve had to untangle in my day,” he says. “IDrive Wi-Fi holds up to 2 TB of data–ample storage for my work–and I don’t have to keep plugging it in to perform backups and restores.”

The portable IDrive Wi-Fi drive comes in handy for those like Allen who work on-the-go, need to backup or restore fast, and who just can’t stand untangling things.

IDrive Express

So what if you need to backup tons of your data? How can you do so without clogging up your bandwidth and waiting days, even weeks for your backup to finish? Our answer to these questions was IDrive Express, the favored IDrive storage device of our Business Development Manager, Shane Bingham.

“The Express drive came in handy when my mother wanted to backup all of her computers and devices, and a lot of this data was precious stuff like my childhood photos,” says Shane. “It would have taken her weeks to back everything up. But I had her order an IDrive Express drive instead. IDrive sent her a 3 TB hard drive, which she uploaded her data onto. She mailed the drive back to us and we backed everything up for her so she didn’t have to worry about it. It’s a great service that our users have really come to appreciate.”

IDrive Express backs up large amounts of data within 7 business days, freeing up your time and bandwidth for other things.

So which of our drives is right for you?