Keep Your Mind, Body, and Data Secure: IDrive Unveils Backup for Apple Health

This week IDrive became the only cloud backup service besides iCloud to offer backup for Apple Health data.

Health keeps track of data from health and fitness apps on your iPhone. It can also provide your doctor with direct access to the data they need to treat you, which is why it’s important to secure your data with cloud backup to ensure it never gets lost.

Today technology is bringing doctors and patients closer together with over 14,000 health apps on iOS alone. Researchers are even studying diseases like Parkinson’s and Asthma with data gathered from patients’ iPhones. But if a patient’s phone gets misplaced, breaks, or if your data gets wiped from the device, that critical information will be lost. And the same fate would await their dietary and fitness data.

To help you keep your health and fitness goals on track, IDrive securely backs up your data to the cloud from your smartphone. That way if your Health data is lost, you can easily restore it from the cloud.

With IDrive, you can backup:

  • Body measurements: Body fat percentage, body mass index, lean body mass, height, and weight
  • Fitness: Active calories, cycling distance, flights climbed, NikeFuel, resting calories, steps, walking+running distance, and workouts
  • Me: Birthdate, sex, and blood type
  • Nutrition: Everything from caffeine to cholesterol
  • Results: Blood alcohol content, inhaler usage, blood glucose, and more
  • Sleep: Hours slept
  • Vitals: Blood pressure, body temperature, heart rate, and respiratory rate

When you backup your Health data to the IDrive cloud, it’s encrypted upon transfer and at rest with military grade 256-bit AES. You can also choose a unique private key of which only you have knowledge, so no one but you can unlock your sensitive Health data.
Keep your body, mind, and data secure with IDrive today!