This World Backup Day, Take Action with IDrive!

Did you know 113 phones are lost or stolen every minute? Likewise 1 in 10 computers are infected by viruses each month. As World Backup Day’s site explains, data loss is an everyday occurrence that can be distressing for people and disastrous for businesses. And yet 30% of people have never backed up their data. That’s over two billion worldwide! In light of this fact, IDrive is supporting World Backup Day, spreading awareness about the importance of keeping files safe and accessible with the most secure, cost-effective solution out there: Online backup.

Data Loss: It Could Happen to You

World Backup Day poses a simple but important question: What if you lost everything? Believe it or not, data loss can happen to you, and in a variety of unexpected ways.

You might think the likelihood of your computer being destroyed by your own doing, for instance, is slim. In reality, 29% of data disasters are accidental. That means if your computer, tablet or phone is destroyed, the cause can easily be spilled coffee or slippery hands in the bathroom; little things that can happen anytime to anybody. Other common accidents include virus infection, file corruption and accidental erases. And that’s not to mention natural disasters and deliberate threats. In any case, if you didn’t backup, that means whatever you had on your device is gone for good.

Considering the average household owns at least 5 devices, it’s clear that backing up is a necessity today. But what’s the best solution?

How Online Backup Saves Your Data

There’s more than one way to backup, including backing up to external drives like hard disks or even tapes. However, the most secure, affordable, and convenient solution is online backup.

While maintenance and replacement fees for external storage devices can get pricey, online backup users aren’t subject to these extra costs. Users simply pay an annual or monthly service fee. With plans as low as $44.62/year for 2TB (1TB of storage + 1TB of sync), and the capability to backup an unlimited number of devices at no additional fee, IDrive is the most cost-effective online backup solution available. With IDrive, you can backup your entire network of devices without emptying your wallet.

So this week, when you take the World Backup Day pledge to keep your files backed up, make sure to choose the best backup solution out there: IDrive.
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