Introducing Disk Image Backup for IDrive!

This one goes out to all our partners and customers who have asked for a full system backup feature. IDrive’s Disk Image Backup is an all-encompassing solution that backs up your entire system image, including programs, settings, files, folders, and even your operating system. If disaster strikes, you can quickly restore all your data while retaining your system’s structure.

Business as usual is a good thing

Business continuity is the heartbeat of an organization. Our Disk Image Backup keeps your business running during system failures by expediting the restoration process. All of your data  is replicated to a secondary location from which it can be quickly recovered. You can close the gap between crashes and restores, as well as perform seamless data transfers between different platforms; a rare and nifty functionality.

This feature supports backup from Windows operating systems, including servers, and can restore to Mac or Linux.

Disk Image Backup comes with Universal Backup. That means you can backup any number of devices at no extra charge. Some services ask for more money per additional device. IDrive doesn’t. That puts a little more money in your pocket to invest in bigger, better things like your business.

We’ve made Disk Image Backup easy to implement through the IDrive application. Need to backup your entire system? Sign up for IDrive today.