iOS8 Compatibility Issue May Effect IDrive Camera Uploads. Here’s the fix!

Houston, we have a compatibility issue! iOS8 users who have downloaded IDrive’s app may experience duplicate uploads of their photos.

Apple’s default photo album name, which was called “Camera Roll” in previous versions, has been changed to “Recently Added” in iOS8. Thus IDrive may recognize these re-named versions of your photos as unique images and try to upload them again.

We are currently working on fixing this issue with a new version of IDrive. Until then, we recommend that you:

  •  Disable “Auto Camera Upload” on the “Backup” screen.
  •  Deselect your “Photos” and “Videos” folders while doing a “Backup All” from the “Backup” screen.

While you should hold off on backing up your “Recently Added” photo album, you can still safely upload pictures in other albums by manually selecting them in your “Photos” and “Videos” folders.

We apologize for any inconvenience, and thank you for your patience.