Keep data safe in the face of new Virus Threats – Check out IDrive Rewind

We recently featured our IDrive Rewind service, which provides up to 30 previous versions of secure data backups, ideal for users who want to protect their data from Crypto Virus attacks and other harmful ransomware threats. Rewind is back in the spotlight due to the recent outbreak of new, more complex Crypto Viruses.

Crypto Viruses are extremely serious threats in which data is encrypted by a third party and held for ransom, making it impossible for users to access their data. Critroni, a new virus, more powerful than the very resilient and well known CryptoLocker, is an advanced program that encrypts data faster and makes data recovery even more impossible. Another threat, Simplocker, is a program that encrypts data on Android phones as well as their SD card archives, so even data backups stored on the SD card will be inaccessible.

Rewind offers an improved method for accessing and restoring data so, in the event your data is compromised by a virus threat, you can restore a clean version of your data. And, even if the latest file in your backup is corrupt, you can revert back to previous unaffected file/folder versions. This enables users to restore files to their computers and avoid paying the ransom that many virus creators demand in exchange for the key that they claim will unlock the encrypted data. (In many instances, even when the ransom is paid, the encrypted data is never restored and is still permanently lost.)

Rewind Features:

  • File Versioning for up to 30 previous files.

  • Folder Versioning for up to 10 previous folder versions.

  • Previous files/folders do not take up storage quota space.

  • Users can go into their backup history and restore earlier versions of files or folders in bulk rather than restoring files one by one, which is very time consuming.

Proactively protecting data with online backup is key for ensuring that a copy of all data is secure in an offsite location, and unreachable to Crypto Viruses. If you already have an IDrive account, you can utilize Rewind for no additional charge at any time!