Faster Database Backup & Restore with IDrive’s Express Database Plug-In

Backing up a server database is a lengthy process, especially for the initial backup. Uploading mass amounts of data to an online account via the internet can take days or even weeks depending on the bandwidth speed; but there’s no way around it – data backup is essential.

That’s where IDrive’s Express Database Plug-In comes to the rescue, making data backup and restore for databases faster and easier.

The plug-in works in association with our IDrive Express service, which uses a physical drive to ship large amounts of data to a user’s online account, eliminating bandwidth usage and speeds the process up. The plug-in is ideal for businesses that utilize database servers and are looking for faster backup or restore.

The IDrive Express Plug-In is available free of charge and works with MS SQL, MS Exchange, and MS SharePoint Server databases.

How does it work?
  • Simply download the plug-in for free.

  • Request an IDrive Express drive (up to 3TB).

  • Once you receive the drive, select the data from your database and add it to the physical drive.

  • Ship the drive with your data back to IDrive.

  • We will then transfer your data from the device to our secure servers.

  • Within 3-5 business days, your data will be accessible from your IDrive online account and incremental backups can commence via the plug-in thereafter.

We recognize that business continuity often depends on speed and uninterrupted workflow, so we’ve created a plug-in for our Express Service to provide a faster backup and restore process that encourages productivity while simultaneously promoting data protection.

*The IDrive Express service is free three times a year for Pro Business users, $59.95 after that, shipping included. IDrive Express can be utilized for up to 3 TB of data backup or retrieval, and is available in the US, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Australia and the UK. The Express Database Plug-In is always free of charge to download and use.