IDrive’s QNAP Backup App for NAS Devices

Ensuring critical company data is securely backed up is essential for the continuity of every business. The use of an onsite storage device, such as QNAP Network Attached Storage (NAS), is a highly utilized method for protecting business data as it provides on location data backup and centralized storage. However, a fully comprehensive disaster recovery strategy must also include an offsite backup of critical data as well.

We realize many NAS users need a more complex backup strategy, so we created the IDrive QNAP Online Backup App for NAS devices. The QNAP Backup App is fast, affordable, and extremely secure, providing the protection every business needs to ensure continuity, even in the face of a data disaster.

Key Features for the IDrive QNAP backup app:

  • Interactive backup and restore for data present in QNAP NAS devices.

  • Option for scheduling automatic backups and restores, as per convenience.

  • Email notifications on completion of scheduled backup operations.

  • Availability of elaborate log reports detailing account activities.

  • Files are protected during transfer and storage using 256-bit AES encryption with an optional private key for heightened security.

  • Create multiple backup sets and restore sets for customized backup and restore.

  • Customization of backup location.

  • Real time quota calculation and log status updates for scheduled and manual jobs.

The IDrive QNAP backup app is available, free of charge, for all personal and business IDrive accounts. It’s never worth the risk, make it a priority to protect critical data with a trusted and reliable online backup strategy.