All Aboard the IDrive Express!

Presenting the new IDrive Portable… Next Stop: Success!


Why would you choose to sit in traffic if you could hop in the express lane?

You wouldn’t. You would speed past all the unmoving vehicles around you because no one enjoys wasting time or waiting in unnecessary lines. We all want fast, but reliable.

That’s why we created the IDrive Portable, a 1 TB USB hard drive designed for fast, easy and secure backup or restore. It comes with built-in IDrive Portable software that makes backing up and restoring data, to or from any computer directly to the portable device, simple and painless.

We’re bringing the security and convenience of the cloud down to the ground and right into your hand.

  • The lightweight, sleek blue drive fits perfectly in your palm, pocket, or purse for convenient transport.

  • Data is backed up to the portable drive without using up any internet bandwidth to ensure quick data transfer.

  • Data can easily be restored or uploaded back onto your computer or to any local computer by simply connecting the drive via its USB cable.

  • All data is safely stored in the portable device and encrypted using 256-bit AES encryption (with the option to choose a private key for additional security).

If you’re a business owner, you know the value of speed and accuracy. You can’t sit around while the competitors zoom past.

At IDrive, we understand the importance of timeliness, accuracy, and security. That is why we created the IDrive Express for businesses. You may recognize this service (formerly known as “Rapid Serve”). In honor of the new and improved IDrive Portable, we’ve rebranded this service.

IDrive Express is a secure portable backup system designed to make large data transfers faster for your business. Data loss is devastating and it is vital that your company has a backup plan. Unfortunately, backing up the mass amounts of data from your business’ network to the cloud can take days… maybe even weeks, depending on the size of your business. The amount of data being transferred clogs up the bandwidth, creating a scenario similar to the dreaded traffic-packed, congested highway.

IDrive Express avoids all the traffic with these easy steps:

  • We simply send you one of our IDrive Portable drives so you can transfer all of your data (up to 1 TB), without using any bandwidth.

  • After your data is safely stored and encrypted on the hard drive (with the option for a private key), you ship it back to us and we upload it to our servers.

    *It’s kind of fun to think of it as teleporting. You ship it off and, magically, it gets to the cloud! Is that just me? Moving on…

  • From that point on, you can access your files from your IDrive account and run incremental backups to update your data.

IDrive Express avoids the tedium of that initial lengthy backup. It’s also a FREE service for all IDrive business users.

IDrive Express also offers the option for data retrieval. At your request, your data is shipped via the IDrive Portable hard drive and is ready to be restored or uploaded to any computer by simply connecting the USB cable.

It’s easy. It’s safe. It’s fast.

Don’t settle for less. Hop on the IDrive Express.