Sub-accounts are here!

No business can benefit from a one-size-fit-all backup solution. Businesses have a variety of backup needs, which keep changing with time. Realizing this, IDrive brings in the new Sub-accounts concept, wherein you can allocate space from your storage to departments and associates for establishing a secure backup plan; all this with a single administrative control!

All billing transactions are confined to your IDrive account, alone.

Introducing sub-accounts

Sub-accounts are regular IDrive accounts, created with your IDrive storage space. The sub-accounts exist within your account space, but do not have access to one another’s data, and you can backup any number of devices, securely with 256-bit AES encryption.

Single administrative control

You can do a number of administrative activities via a single dashboard.

Create any number of sub-accounts using your IDrive account. Allocate space to every sub-account as required. Subsequently, you can keep varying their quota size as and when needed.

Monitor the summarized status of sub-account’s scheduled backups using the ‘Desktop Backup Report’.

Activities of the sub-accounts shall remain under your vigilance via ‘Events’. You can view a detailed report of their web-based activities like their login/logout timings, information on all file operations, profile updates, etc.


If the sub-accounts exceed the allotted quota space, the backups of the sub-account will still continue as normal. If the comprehensive space of the sub-accounts and your main account exceeds your IDrive quota limit, then the nominal overuse charges shall apply to your account.

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Remember, a ‘smart backup’ in time saves nine!