Top 5 – Reasons your SMB needs IDrive Online Backup

Every year, your business adds more and more data; this includes things like financial documents and customer data. At IDrive, we know that invaluable data like this needs to be protected from loss. In addition to the original or hard copy of your data, you should also keep a backup. The perfect solution is this: keep copies of your critical data in cloud storage, online. Here are the Top 5 reasons that IDrive Online Backup is the best choice for your small business.

5.) Compliance

Some businesses need to meet industry compliance, or to keep historical records for a period of time. IDrive is definitely the way to go. Unlike other companies, IDrive is an archival service; we never delete your data once it’s uploaded – it has to be deleted manually. We don’t delete files after they haven’t been updated for some arbitrary period of time.

4.) Data Availability

If the worst happens and you lose the original data, you need to get back up and running right away. With IDrive, you can install the software on another device, restore your most critical information, and be back up and running as fast as you can download. For business customers, we even offer a fast restore service; we’ll ship you a physical drive of your data, at no cost to you.

3.) Remote Manage

What happens if you’re out of the office and need to make sure that certain files are backing up, and to start backing them up if they aren’t? IDrive offers a powerful remote management feature that allows business customers to do just that. Peace of mind that your critical files are safe in the cloud, that’s what you get.

2.) Security

Files transferred to IDrive’s world-class data centers are encrypted before ever leaving your device. We use industry-standard 256-bit AES encryption to do so. Additionally, every customer has the ability to create a private encryption key – some customers are required to do so to meet compliancy/legal requirements. If you set this optional security feature, then nobody – not even us – will be able to decrypt your data without that key.

1.) Cost Effective

Our software and hardware infrastructure has been custom designed from the ground up to be the best cloud backup solution on the market. We wrote the software ourselves, and all of our hardware is self-owned rather than reselling another company’s infrastructure. As a result, we pass these savings on to our customers, offering the best value for minimal investment.

We cannot stress this point enough – back your data up! You can sign up today for a free 5GB account. Completely free, no trial period, no obligation; the only thing you’ve got to lose is your data. 5GB not enough space? Check out our pricing page for more options and start backing up today!

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