The All new IDrive Portable!


Introducing the new IDrive Portable drive – a USB 3.0 external hard drive with 1 TB capacity. Every drive comes pre-loaded with the powerful new IDrive Portable software, which can be used for encrypted local backups, optionally with a private encryption key.


Rapid Serve with IDrive Portable

With the combination of the IDrive Portable hardware and software, IDrive Business users can now backup 1 TB of data to the cloud via physical storage shipment. This FREE service enables you to backup or restore up to 1 TB of data, often in a week or less, without clogging your bandwidth.  If you were to perform this backup entirely over the web, it could take weeks and drastically slow your internet in the process. Utilizing the Rapid Serve option makes it easy to get your data backed up quickly and efficiently. The best part is, data stored on the IDrive Portable is always encrypted, optionally with your private key, so you can rest assured the data will be safe while in transit!

Once the data is done uploading to your IDrive Online Backup account, you can continue incremental backups through the online backup software.

Rapid Serve is a FREE service for IDrive Business users, it is currently available to U.S. Residents only. If you would like to purchase an IDrive Portable drive, it costs only $99.95.