IDrive Top 5 – Reasons You’ve Lost Data

It’s happened to all of us at some point, that’s why IDrive Online Backup exists. You’re in the groove, putting the final touches on what has got to be the best PowerPoint presentation humanity has ever seen; smooth animations, a catchy jingle, graphs that make sense – even to Dan from Accounting! This is something you’ve been working on for a few weeks, now. You then go to bed, feeling like king or queen of the world.  The next day, something like this happens:

Natural Disaster

5.) Natural Disaster – Earthquake! Overnight, there was a minor quake, some things fell over – you’ll have to get a new frame for your Beatles poster. You get to your PC to get the latest news. It just. Won’t Start. You have an external drive, though! You look around, but it’s fallen off the desk and lies broken near a mass of computer cables. You’re still expected to go to work, but your Magna Carta of PowerPoint? Gone forever.

Malicious Act

4.) Malicious Act – You get back to your PC, and you see a notification popup telling you that your Anti-Virus of choice had deleted a bunch of files which had become infected with a virus. Dismissing the popup, you go to open the PowerPoint, to bask once more in its glory before heading into work, but it’s disappeared. You remember the popup and go check your AV program. Sure enough, there it is, in quarantine, too sick to restore to your computer.

Software Corruption

3.) Software corruption – You wake up and head to work, transferring your PowerPoint to a flash drive before you go. It’s finally time for the big moment, you load up the flash drive, go to open the presentation, and the file is corrupt.

User Error

2.) User Error – After putting the finishing touches on your presentation, you accidentally forget to save the changes made. When you go to close the file the next morning, you absentmindedly click “Don’t Save”. You do a double-take and click like mad to reopen the file, sure enough, 2 hours of work are gone, the presentation is in an hour!

Hardware Failure

1.) Hardware Failure – Done saving my work, I went to sleep. On waking up, I noticed my PC was off, which is a little strange. Pressing the power button, though, didn’t turn it back on. Everything was connected, and my phone charger is on the same power strip, so I know there’s power. That’s when I noticed the acrid smell of a burnt-out power supply. My PC wasn’t turning on again without a new one.

True story, folks! This really happened to me, in college, my second to last semester, the day I had a project to turn in. Luckily, my hard drive was safe, and I had a lot of my work – but not all of it – backed up online. Fortunately, my professor understood my pain, and I didn’t get marked down too much for having to turn in the project late. If I didn’t have that cloud backup, though, having to re-do all my work would’ve resulted in a rushed, poor quality job with the grade to match, instead of a high B.

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