Microsoft Office Backup Plugin for IDrive goes Open Source

IDrive Online Backup is releasing the Source Code for our Microsoft Office Backup IDrive plugin. Released a little over a month ago, at the same time as the IDrive App Gallery, the plugin is designed to protect Excel, Powerpoint, and Word files in real-time, to an IDrive account. Right alongside the real-time backups is versioning; the latest 30 versions of the files are accessible right from the plugin. It’s some of the best insurance you can get in case of digital accidents.

This plugin was made using IDrive’s EVS public APIs, and an excellent example of a real-world application using the EVS APIs. Since we’re releasing the source code, anyone can download the code and see exactly how to use EVS and the free API to create a simple, but very useful app.

IDrive doesn’t charge any licensing or royalty fees for using EVS; all that’s necessary is an IDrive account, even a free 5 GB account will do. Additionally, developers who create apps for the IDrive App Gallery will be eligible for the same referral commissions as IDrive Partners. For every customer who signs up for IDrive through a developer’s app, that developer will receive a 25% commission on all membership fees collected from that customer. This commission is on top of whatever revenue generated from sales of their app. The more customers who sign up for IDrive through your app, the more commission you will receive! Interested developers can download the EVS APIs and get started today.

IDrive Online Backup is available for home and server editions of Windows and Mac OS X and for mobile devices in the Apple App Store and Android Market.

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