Privacy and You: Why Google Drive May Not Be Your Best Option

Lately, there’s been a lot of buzz about Google Drive, an upcoming service from Google. It’s claimed that Google Drive will offer users 5GB of free storage, with the option to purchase more at any time. So what’s going to be the biggest problem with Google Drive? In a word, privacy.

Google has no problem targeting ads directly to their users based on the content of their Gmail messages. What’s to stop Google from doing the same with the documents and other files you’d upload to Google Drive? How private is it, really?

At IDrive, we are committed to providing secure, fast, and simple Online Backup. IDrive Online Backup, on it’s new EVS platform, has offered 5 GB accounts – completely free of charge, no strings attached – for a long time, now. On top of that, IDrive also has:

  • Built-in 256-bit encryption – Your files are encrypted at your computer BEFORE being sent to our servers with our optional personal encryption key. With the private encryption option, nobody – not even IDrive – can decrypt your files!
  • Cross-compatibility – A single IDrive account, on the EVS platform, can be accessed seamlessly from Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, and Android devices.
  • No data mining – IDrive does not scan or search your personal files. Your documents and other files are personal and private; we get that, and we think it should stay that way.
  • Plug-ins – IDrive was built from the ground-up with our own EVS platform, the API’s of which are freely available for developers to create plug-ins for the service.
  • IDrive Connect – One example of a plug-in for IDrive. IDrive Connect allows you to map your Google Docs to a lettered drive on your computer! Additionally, back up your Google Docs to your IDrive Online Backup account.

Create a free IDrive account today, and securely back up your digital life. IDrive Online Backup is available for home and server editions of Windows and Mac OS X and for mobile devices in the Apple App Store and Android Market.

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